Port Melbourne – Moreland City

Saturday afternoon was a day to remember for Nick Marinos and his team as they dominated against Moreland in a spectacular game of football.

Their skills and tactics were highly effective, leaving their opponent with no chance of stealing a victory in Port Melbourne.

The game started with a bang, as Courtney-Perkins took only 3 minutes to score a beautiful goal, showing that his success from last year was not a fluke.

However, even though Moreland managed to equalize with a goal by Fletcher Fulton in the 15th minute, the Sharks’ fans in the stands never lost their unwavering support for their beloved team.

The positive energy of the crowd seemed to transfer onto the pitch in the second half.

Ethan Brooks entered the game in the 51st minute and just two minutes later stunned the audience with a perfect shot that flew past the goalkeeper, giving Port Melbourne the lead once again.

And just when it seemed like the game couldn’t get any better, Jesse Barber sealed the deal in the 84th minute with another incredible goal.

It was a fantastic performance by Port Melbourne, leaving their fans with high hopes for the rest of the championship.

The cheers and celebrations that filled JL Murhy Reserve were a true testament to the Sharks’ success and the tremendous support of their loyal fans.

Dandenong Thunder – Heidelberg United

On Saturday night, Heidelberg United showcased their impressive talent and skill against Thunder.

Under the leadership of coach John Anastasiadis, the team dominated the field from the very beginning, proving that they are continuing to build a formidable force.

The match saw a strong start from the visiting team, with Jamal Ali scoring the first goal in the 30th minute.

From there, United displayed near-perfect defensive transitions, effectively shutting down the “Albanians” and preventing them from scoring.

Despite a close scoreline, with Eoin Ashton’s goal in the 91st minute sealing the victory, it was clear to everyone on the field that the away team would emerge victorious.

Heidelberg United is on a remarkable trajectory, and with each passing day, their strength and unity as a team only continues to grow.

Avondale – Melbourne Knights

The atmosphere was electric as the two fierce rivals, Avondale and Melbourne Knights, took to the field on Friday.

It was clear from the start that both teams were determined to secure victory, and the intense battle that ensued did not disappoint.

For ninety captivating minutes, the players engaged in fierce duels, made endless runs, and delivered breathtaking goals.

As the final whistle blew and the score stood at 3-3, it was evident that this match was a true celebration of the beautiful game.

It was a display of passion, skill, and determination that left spectators on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Bravo to both teams for an unforgettable and thrilling match of football.


Kingston City easily defeated Northcote City with a score of 4-1, making them the clear winner of the Greek derby on the third matchday of the NPL1 championship.

On the field, Kingston played with finesse and showcased a unique style of football, solidifying their potential for success this year with an impressive performance.

Brunswick City did not have a particularly impressive performance in their away game against Caroline Springs, but it was still positive.

The Greek team fought hard throughout the match and earned one point after a 1-1 tie.

The game tested the football players’ strong nerves and was ultimately decided by their strength and endurance.


Melbourne Knights – Avondale 3 – 3 (59′ S. Sakhi, 80′ G. Albano [P], 90+3′ C. Bramwell – 19′ K. Kur, 26′ B. Carpenter, 51′ A. Brice)

Green Gully – Manningham United Blues 4 – 1 (25′ T. Schrijvers, 54′ L. Derrick, 78′ J. Hope, 82′ L. Tavere – 80′ X. Theodorakopoulos)

Port Melbourne Sharks – Moreland City 3 – 1 (3′ J. Courtney – Perkins, 53′ E. Brooks, 84′ J. Barber – 15′ F. Fulton)

Dandenong Thunder – Heidelberg United 0 – 2 (30′ J. Ali, 90+1′ E. Ashton)

Oakleigh Cannons – Altona Magic (Abandonned)

St Albans Saints – Dandenong City 1 – 3 (83’ C. Ramsey – 16’ K. Athiu, 55’ V. Cesnik, 80’ K. Athiu)

South Melbourne – Hume City*

*This match was held on Monday afternoon (26/2)


1. Port Melb Sharks 3 7

2. Heidelberg Utd 3 7

3. Avondale 3 7

4. Hume City 2 6

5. Dand City 3 6

6. Green Gully 3 6

7. South Melbourne 2 6

8. Oakleigh Cannons 2 4

9. Manningham 3 3

10. Melb Knights 3 1

11. St. Albans 3 1

12. Altona Magic 2 0

13. Dande Thunder 3 0

14. Moreland 3 0


Preston Lions – Western United 2 – 1

Werribee City – Melbourne City 1 – 1

Northcote City – Kingston City 1 – 4

Caroline Springs George Cross – Brunswick City 1 – 1

Langwarrin – North Geelong Warriors 1 – 1

Melbourne Victory – Bentleigh Greens**

Bulleen Lions – Eastern Lions**

** These matches were holdon Monday (26/2)


1. Kingston 3 7

2. Langwarrin 3 7

3. Melb Victory 2 6

4. Werribee City 3 5

5. Carol Springs 3 5

6. Brunswick 3 5

7. Preston Lions 3 4

8. Bentl Greens 2 3

9. Northcote 3 3

10. Eastern Lions 2 2

11. Melb City 3 2

12. Bulleen Lions 2 1

13. Western Utd 3 0

14. North Geelong 3 0