Photographers Effy Alexakis and Yanni Dramitinos, are challenging the boundaries of contemporary portraiture with their latest exhibition revolving around their Greek heritage.

The exhibition features portraits of Australians from all walks of life, including artists, writers, actors, laborers, businesspeople, and retirees, reflecting the diversity of the nation’s population.

By presenting Greek-Australians as integral parts of this mosaic, Alexakis and Dramitinos highlight the contributions of this community to the broader Australian identity.

Poet Les Murray, May 2014. Photo: Yannis Dramitinos/Supplied

Both are well-known within the Greek-Australian community, through close engagement with its members.

Their portraits not only capture the essence of their subjects but also delve into the complex interplay between artist, subject, and viewer.

Through their lens, Alexakis and Dramitinos explore the multifaceted nature of human emotion and experience, from humour and determination to sadness and tragedy inviting viewers to confront their own preconceived notions and contemplate their sense of self.

Rhonda, 2017. Photo: Effy Alexakis/Supplied

When: From Wednesday, 6 March to Tuesday, 19 March 2024 Mon – Thu 12pm-6pm; Fri – Sat 12pm -10pm; Sun 12pm-6pm. Official opening: Saturday 9 March @ 6pm; the exhibition will be formally opened by Rhonda Davis, Senior Curator, Macquarie University Art Gallery

Where: Luna Studio, 465 King Street, Newtown, NSW

Entry: Free

More photos below:

Sisters, from the ‘Binding Threads’ Series, 2023. Photo: Effy Alexakis/Supplied
Zoe Carides, actor, 1997. Photo: Effy Alexakis/Supplied
My grandfather, 1978. Photo: Effy Alexakis/Supplied