The 42nd Greek Festival of Sydney is presenting a musical evening of music, culture and camaraderie, celebrating some of Greece’s legendary musicians.

Songs of the Sea (Τραγούδια της θάλασσας) will transport the audience to the shores of Greece and immerse them in a rich tapestry of Greek music.

While the name Songs of the Sea is associated with the shores of the Aegean and the traditional island songs ‘Nisiotika’, there is another musical dimension that can be attributed to the blue and magic of the sea – the ‘New Wave’ of Greek music, as well as the songs of migration and foreignness that coincided in time and marked an entire generation.

The performance pays tribute to giants of Greek music such as Vassilis Tsitsanis, Yiannis Parios, Michalis Violaris and Rena Koumioti.

Featuring vocals from Eleni Doukas & Ioannis Keligiannis, and Thanasis Pylarinos & Kosta Benetatos on bouzoukia.

Pylarinos with his 11-member band will try to revive this dimension that has been neglected in recent times.

For the audience, it is a musical journey through the years of uprooting and migration, from the New Wave and the Songs of the sea with which the younger generations of immigrants grew up both in Australia and around the world.

When: Sunday May 12, 7pm

Where: Bankstown Sports Club, 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown NSW 2200

For more information visit the Greek Festival of Sydney website. Tickets are also available for purchase on the BankstownSports website or through the club’s reception.