Information reaching the President of the Melbourne Cypriot Community (and former Victorian State Minister) Theo Theophanous indicates that Ersin Tatar, has applied for a visa to visit Melbourne in mid-April.

The same, unconfirmed, reports indicate that he will travel on Turkish Airlines with a Turkish passport and visit Australia as a private citizen.

As is well known, Australia does not recognise the pseudo-state of Northern Cyprus, so Mr Tatar can have no official recognition.

It is possible, however, that he will seek to hold meetings with Australian officials even in his private capacity.

Cyprus is monitoring developments and considering ways of responding, including making representations, perhaps to both the federal and Victorian government, to ensure that no minister or other official meets with him in any official capacity.

Australia’s official position is that it does not recognise Northern Cyprus and supports a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation in accordance with UN resolutions.