Christina Kitsos, born to Greek parents in Geneva, Switzerland, is set to become the first Greek woman to hold the office of Mayor of Geneva.

Kitsos, who will assume office in June, has already made significant strides in politics, starting her journey at the age of 13 in the Youth Parliament and later joining the Socialist Party.

Kitsos’s ascent to the mayorship comes as recognition to her dedication to public service and commitment to addressing key issues facing the city.

In a recent interview on ERTNEWS, Kitsou highlighted the importance of her Greek heritage in shaping her worldview and approach to governance.

“Sometimes we believe that there is equality, but there are many things that are not so obvious, but which will have a meaning in everyone’s journey,” she said.

One of Kitsos’s main priorities as mayor will be to tackle social issues such as housing for the homeless and support for young people.

She has already initiated an increase in wages for those working in daycare centers, a sector predominantly made up of women, addressing the gender pay gap.

Kitsos’s election has been met with praise and excitement from the Greek community in Geneva and beyond.

Her background and experiences uniquely position her to bridge the gap between Switzerland and Greece, bringing a fresh perspective to local governance.

In her closing remarks, Kitsos expressed her belief in the importance of understanding and embracing one’s cultural heritage, stating, “Through the values that Greece has always carried, we too can be inspired.”