As the Greek Australian teams battle for victory in the NPL’s top tier, they face a Herculean challenge against fierce opponents.

But like a Greek myth come to life, they’ll stop at nothing to maintain their winning streak.

Oakleigh Cannons – Avondale

Prepare for a riveting football showdown this week as the Cannons welcome the mighty Avondale to their home turf.

The NPL fans won’t want to miss this clash of the titans.

While Taylor’s team has a knack for slaying opponents on their own turf, the guests aren’t just here for the souvlaki.

Despite not performing at their peak, the champions still pack quite a punch and their opponent’s defense should beware of Mr. Zinni, the ultimate defense destroyer.

Can the Cannons contain him and come out victorious? Be there on Friday night (12/4 – 8pm) to find out.

Melbourne Knights – Heidelberg United

This weekend, Alexandros, led by Coach Anastasiadis will face a very serious test as they travel to Sunshine to compete against the Melbourne Knights.

The hosts, who have not had a strong start to the season, are eager for a win against a top opponent like United to boost their confidence and outlook for the future.

In their previous game, they achieved a challenging victory against Manningham with a score of 1-2, which secured them 8th place in the standings.

Beating Heidelberg will not be an easy task. Heidelberg has been playing beautiful football and looks poised for success this season.

A win against the Knights will bring pride and optimism to the Yellow and Black club.

So, let’s hope for their success!

South Melbourne – Green Gully

This week, Green Gully will visit South Melbourne.

The Greek Australian team has claimed first place and is determined to maintain their position.

They will undoubtedly put forth their best effort to secure their lead after facing the “Greens”.

Last week, Esteban Quintas watched his team achieve victory against another big opponent at the inhospitable Dandenong home ground of Thunder.

His players are performing strongly and have implemented new game strategies, making them again a formidable contender for this year’s title.

However, Green Gully is also expected to put up a fight and should not be underestimated. This was evident last week when Dandenong City faced off against the Greens and were held to a 1-1 draw at their home field.

Port Melbourne Sharks – Dandenong Thunder

Looks like the only Greek Aussies not getting their kicks on Friday night are the Sharks. Saturday afternoon, the Port Melbourne players will be taking on the Dandenong Thunder.

The Sharks may not be at the top of the ladder, but they’ve given us some quality football and are always ready to take down anyone they face.

As for the Thunder, they’re still figuring out their moves under a new coach, which is totally normal.

Last week, Adam Piddick’s squad got roasted by their faithful followers following a loss on their turf to South Melbourne.

But fear not, for this weekend they shall endeavor to delight their loyal fans with a win. Fingers crossed they fail miserably in their face-off against Port Melbourne.

The VPL1

The missions of the Greek Australian teams in the VPL1 this weekend seem to be extremely dangerous.

The action starts on Friday night (12/4) for our clubs when Northcote City hosts Melbourne City NPL. The match is set to begin at 8.30 PM and is expected to draw a large crowd from both clubs.

Get your popcorn ready for Saturdays 3pm showdown as the Bentleigh Greens take on the North Geelong Warriors.

It’s the perfect chance for Giorgos Katsakis’ squad to kickstart their journey towards triumph.

Meanwhile, the away team’s season has been about as successful as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. With zero points and only four goals to their name, they’ve got a long way to go.

Brunswick City is about to face an 800-pound gorilla this Sunday at 3pm – none other than the undefeated Melbourne Victory NPL. Can the Greek Australian team rise to the occasion and snatch a win? Only time will tell in this ultimate test of football prowess.

Kingston City will host the Eastern Lions on Monday night at 8.30pm. The home team’s year has had a slow star.

They were tied in their previous match against Langwarrin at home, which has resulted in them being in 6th place in the standings.

We are hoping that the “red and whites” can start winning again, starting with Monday’s game against the “lions.”

The VPL2

Get ready for an epic showdown as Box Hill United takes on a top-tier rival this weekend. The mighty Altona City has been crushing it this season, and they’re not afraid to crush some more when they face Box Hill.

But if Box Hill wants a shot at glory, they better up their game and show some serious hustle.


Friday, 12/4

Melbourne Knights – Heidelberg United 7.30pm

South Melbourne – Green Gully 7.30pm

Oakleigh Cannons – Avondale 8pm

Saturday, 13/4

Moreland City – Manningham United 3pm

Port Melbourne Sharks – Dandenong Thunder 5pm

Altona Magic – St Albans Saints 6.15pm

Hume City – Dandenong City – 7pm

Champions Avondale is being hosted by Oakleigh Cannons. Photo: Con Deves


Teams Matches Points

1. South Melbourne 8 20

2. Hume City 8 18

3. Avondale 8 17

4. Heidelberg Utd 8 16

5. Oakleigh Cannons 8 16

6. Dand City 8 12

7. Port Melb Sharks 8 12

8. Melb Knights 8 11

9. Dande Thunder 8 8

10. Green Gully 8 8

11. St. Albans 8 7

12. Manningham 8 6

13. Altona Magic 8 4

14. Moreland 8 0


Friday, 12/4

Preston Lions – Caroline Springs George Cross 8.30pm

Northcote City – Melbourne City 8.30pm

Saturday, 13/4

Bentleigh Greens v North Geelong Warriors 3pm

Sunday, 14/4

Melbourne Victory – Brunswick City 3pm

Western United – Werribee City 3pm

Monday, 15/4

Kingston City – Eastern Lions 8.30pm

Bulleen Lions v Langwarrin 8.30pm


Teams Matches Points

1. Melb Victory 8 20

2. Langwarrin 8 16

3. Bulleen Lions 8 14

4. Brunswick City 8 13

5. Northcote 8 13

6. Kingston 8 12

7. Preston Lions 8 12

8. Western Utd 7 10

9. Bentl Greens 8 10

10. Carol Springs 8 9

11. Melb City 8 7

12. Eastern Lions 7 6

13. Werribee City 8 16

14. North Geelong 8 0


Friday, 12/4

Nunawading City – North Sunshine Eagles 7.30pm

Box Hill United – Altona City 7.30pm

Pascoe Vale v Essendon Royals 8.30pm

Saturday, 13/4

Beaumaris – Brunswick Juventus 3pm

Boroondara Carey Eagles v Doveton 3pm

FC Melbourne Serbia – Goulburn Valley Suns 6.15pm


Teams Matches Points

1. Nth Sunsh. Eagles 4 10

2. Altona City 4 10

3. Pascoe Vale 4 9

4. Bruns. Juventus 4 9

5. Essendon Royals 4 8

6. Boroondara Eagles 4 7

7. Nunawading City 4 6

8. FC Melb. Serbia 4 5

9. Box Hill United 4 2

10. Goulburn V. Suns 4 1

11. Doveton 4 0

12. Beaumaris 4 0