There’s a sizzling football showdown happening this week, guaranteed to appease even the most die-hard fans.

Our Greek Australian teams are crushing the competition and giving their loyal followers something to cheer about.

Dandenong City – South Melbourne

This week, South Melbourne will be hitting the road, heading to Dandenong for a clash against local City.

Their recent performances have been nothing short of impressive, constantly leveling up their game and proving they’re serious about taking home the league title this year.

But don’t count out Dandenong City just yet. These guys are a force to be reckoned with and know how to throw down on the field.

Here’s hoping Esteban Quintas’ squad can snatch a sweet victory at the Frank Holohan Soccer Complex and maintain their spot at the top of the league standings.

Heidelberg United – Moreland City

Ready for a walk in the park, Heidelberg United will take on Moreland City on Friday night, appearing to be a breeze.

With no victories and zero points under their belt, Moreland City is like a fly against the rejuvenated Alexandros led by Yannis Anastasiadis.

The team is unstoppable and has all the ingredients for success in this year’s NPL “marathon”.

The grandstand of the Olympic Village will be bursting with passionate fans, more hyped than ever before.

The weather forecast is looking perfect and the canteen will have a tantalizing array of treats and drinks.

So why not treat yourself to an enjoyable evening while cheering for Heidelberg?

Oakleigh Cannons – St Alban Saint

The mighty Cannons are ready to blaze their way back towards victory this week. After a disappointing loss on their home turf to Avondale, the Oakleigh squad is itching to redeem themselves in a showdown against the Saints from St Albans on Friday.

A resounding triumph would be just the antidote they need to wash away any bitter taste from their past defeat.

While the loss to the champions was merely a setback, it did reveal a few kinks in the armor that could jeopardize their performance in the championship.

The club’s coaching team must attend to key issues, such as a lack of depth in their lineup and over-reliance on Joe Guest’s prowess in the attack, in order to cement themselves as true contenders.

However, all eyes are eagerly anticipating Friday’s match against the bottom-ranked St Albans, offering the Greek Australian team a magnificent chance to claim an important victory and bring back joy to the hearts of their loyal supporters.

Green Gully – Port Melbourne Sharks

Hold onto your seats, because this weekend the Port Melbourne Sharks are diving into the deep end as they head north to take on the mighty Green Gully.

Under the fearless leadership of Coach Marinos, this impressive Greek Australian squad has been making waves and securing a top-six spot in the standings. With their strategic and well-executed style of play, they are determined to rise up the ranks and establish themselves as one of the top teams in the division.

But it won’t be an easy battle, as Green Gully has been facing their own struggles on the field. Despite starting the season strong, they have slowly been losing steam with each passing week.

They are currently sitting at 11th  place in  the standings, their recent loss to South Melbourne with a heavy score of 3-0 has shaken the team’s confidence.

It’s a make or break moment for the Sharks, who must approach this match with utmost determination and focus if they want to conquer the “greens” and secure a victory.

Don’t underestimate the challenge that lies ahead, but don’t count the Sharks out just yet. With hard work and a fighting spirit, this mission to defeat Green Gully is far from impossible.

The VPL1

Get ready for an exciting and challenging weekend ahead for the Greek Australian VPL1 teams.

The action kicks off on Friday night with two thrilling matches.

Northcote City will be hitting the road to face off against Werribee in an all out battle for victory. Don’t miss out on the intensity as Werribee fights to climb out of their second to last place standing.

The stakes are high in Brunswick as the local City team prepares to take on Western United’s up-and-coming players.

It’s a must-see match for the home team. Don’t miss out.

Get ready for some fierce competition this Saturday as Bentleigh Greens takes on Caroline Springs in their turf.

The away team knows they have to kick it up a notch to snatch a win and stay in contention for the top six spot on the table.

On Monday night, the Bulleen Lions and Kingston City will conclude the matchday schedule. Bulleen’s home ground is notoriously challenging and capable of defeating any division opponent.

However, coaches Tagalakis and Tsolakis are determined to guide their team to victory and jump back to the top half spot in the standings.

The VPL2

This weekend, Box Hill United will seek their first win in the league.

The Greek Australian team has experienced a rough start to the season and is eagerly determined to secure a victory that will bring them back to their winning ways. They will travel to Bulleen on Saturday to face  Boroondara – Carey Eagles.

We hope they go back to Box Hill with the three points in their bags.

Heidelberg United will welcome Moreland City on Friday night. Photo: Con Deves


Friday, 19/4

Heidelberg United – Moreland City 7.30pm

Dandenong City – South Melbourne 7.45pm

Oakleigh Cannons – St Albans Saints 8.15pm

Saturday, 20/4

Green Gully – Port Melbourne Sharks 1pm

Manningham United – Hume City 3pm

Altona Magic – Melbourne Knights 6.15pm

Dandenong Thunder – Avondale 7pm


Teams Matches Points

1. South Melbourne 9 23

2. Avondale 9 20

3. Heidelberg Utd 9 19

4. Hume City 9 19

5. Oakleigh Cannons 9 16

6. Port Melb Sharks 9 15

7. Dand City 9 13

8. Melb Knights 9 11

9. Manningham 9 9

10. Dand Thunder 9 8

11. Green Gully 9 8

12. Altona Magic 9 7

13. St. Albans 9 7

14. Moreland 9 0


Friday, 19/4

Werribee City v Northcote City 8.30pm

Brunswick City – Western United 8.30pm

Saturday, 20/4

North Geelong Warriors v Eastern Lions 3pm

Langwarrin – Melbourne Victory 3pm

Caroline Springs George Cross v Bentleigh Greens 5.30pm

Sunday, 21/4

Melbourne City – Preston Lions 3pm

Monday, 22/4

Bulleen Lions – Kingston City 8.30pm


Teams Matches Points

1. Melb Victory 9 23

2. Langwarrin 9 17

3. Northcote 9 16

4. Western Utd 9 16

5. Preston Lions 9 15

6. Bulleen Lions 9 15

7. Brunswick City 9 13

8. Bentl Greens 9 13

9. Kingston 9 13

10. Carol Springs 9 9

11. Melb City 9 7

12. Eastern Lions 9 7

13. Werribee City 9 6

14. North Geelong 9 0


Friday, 19/4

Brunswick Juventus – Pascoe Vale 8.30pm

Essendon Royals – North Sunshine Eagles 8.30pm

Saturday, 20/4

Beaumaris – Altona City 3pm

Nunawading City – Goulburn Valley Suns 3pm

Boroondara Carey Eagles – Box Hill United 3pm

FC Melbourne Srbija – Doveton 6.15pm


Teams Matches Points

1. Brun Juventus 5 12

2. Nth Sunsh. Eagles 5 11

3. Altona City 5 11

4. Essendon Royals 5 11

5. Boroondara Eagles 5 10

6. Pascoe Vale 5 9

7. FC Melb. Serbia 5 8

8. Nunawading City 5 7

9. Box Hill United 5 3

10. Goulburn V. Suns 5 1

11. Doveton 5 0

12. Beaumaris 5 0