The Greek Community of South Australia (GOCSA) has officially announced the launch of its youth committee, Neoléa, a new initiative targeted specifically at young Greek Australians.

Neoléa was formally formed on Saturday, appointing six youngsters to its inaugural committee: Anastasia Mavrides (Chair), Chloe Kourakis, Chloe Katopodis, Mikayla Bolkus, Sophia Zavlagka, and George Foumakis.

The group will provide advice to and actively engage with GOCSA’s Administrative Council and Leadership Team, serving as a platform for designing and incubating new initiatives, promoting intergenerational dialogue, encouraging language retention, and forging meaningful community connections.

The aim of the initiative is to facilitate the collaboration of other young Greek Australians as they explore and engage with the Hellenic culture in their own way.

“Young people should be at the heart of our decisions that impact their involvement with the Community,” said Peter Gonis, GOCSA Vice President.

“Neoléa, with a dynamic committee at the helm, will amplify the voices and experiences of the next generation of Greek Australians. We are proud of this new initiative and look forward to working with the Committee and leveraging their shared expertise, energy, and ideas to not only safeguard but also progress our Community,” Gonis added.

Anastasia Mavrides, the Inaugural Neoléa Committee Chair, shared her pleasure at being part of and spearheading the new group.

Notes from the meeting. Photo: Supplied

“I have always been proud to call myself a third-generation Greek Australian. It is a personal testament to the hard work, strength, bravery, and determination of my grandparents, values of which have been passed down and instilled in me,” the Neoléa Committee Chair said.

Mavrides, who will lead this contingent of fellow youth, added that she is excited to connect with other Greek Australian youngsters and help them share their insights and activities with the other generations of our community.

“Whilst it is important to honor those who have paved the way before us, it is equally important to shine a light and empower the next generation; let our voices be heard, our thoughts shared, and our successes celebrated,” Mavrides said.

The group’s first event has already been planned for Sunday, 26 May, at the Ikaros Hall, 24 Arthur St, Unley, and will involve a hands-on cooking demonstration led by Ikarian members, Chief Justice of South Australia the Honourable Chris Kourakis, and Tina Germanos.

The event is part of The Syllogos Initiative, a collaborative project with local Greek social clubs and associations that seeks to capture South Australia’s Greek migration history and make cultural knowledge accessible across generations.