A group of 21 current and past members from the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria (GOCMV) have organised a public meeting to propose constitutional reform of the organisation. The group hopes the to facilitate further discussion and hear different perspectives.

The meeting scheduled for Sunday, June 2 at 2.30pm, at The Greek Centre welcomes all individuals interested in the future of the GOCMV.

Organisers have also invited members of the board of the GOCMV to participate in the consultation meeting.

Over the past two years, some members of the GOCMV have expressed the need to review the constitution and consider possible amendments to make it more relevant and representative of the diverse community.

In a written statement provided to Neos Kosmos the group believe that “any discussion for constitutional reform needs to be accessible and open to all interested members of the GOCMV, as well as to the wider Greek-Australian community in Victoria”.

Some members have already submitted their views to the board of the GOCMV, and will share these views at the June 2 meeting.

The organisers, including Theo Markos and Kostas Karamarkos, stress the importance of achieving a consensus among members to ensure that any future constitutional changes have the support of the majority.

The group states that a consensus approach is essential for “meaningful and lasting reform” that will uphold GOCMV’s “representative and inclusive nature, the longevity, and strategic relevance”.

When: Sunday, 2 June 2024, at 2.30pm

Where: Mezzanine Level, The Greek Centre, 168 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, 3000

Names of current and non-current GOCMV members calling the meeting

Steve Bakalis

Meni Christofakis

Elias Diacolabrianos

Christos Fifis

Kallimachos Savvas Grigoropoulos

Kostas Karamarkos

Stavros Katsimadakos

Marietta Kokkas

Apostolos Kounelis

Effie Maltezos

Eleni Maltezou

Costas Markos

Theo Markos

Michalis Michael

Dimitris Paikopoulos

Helen Politis

Εfthimia Sfrantzis

Jim Skazas

George Vassilakopoulos

Olga Vasilopoulos

Vasso Zangalis