St John’s College will participate in a special commemorative event at Westminster Abbey later this year. The college has been invited to feature in a two-page spread in a commemorative book, The Commonwealth 75, published by St James House, London. This publication, distributed worldwide with 400,000 copies, celebrates the Commonwealth’s origins, history, and impact, showcasing the ideas, individuals, and organizations that have contributed to its success.

St John’s College in Melbourne is one of the four educational institutions invited from Australia to the event attended by King Charles..

Out of the 56 independent nations that form the Commonwealth, St John’s College is one of the twelve educational institutions selected to be featured in the publication launched in October this year during a ceremony attended by 600 people.

Established 75 years ago, the modern Commonwealth is an association of 56 member states with a combined population of 2.5 billion citizens, representing almost a third of the world’s population. Spanning Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific, Commonwealth countries are diverse, ranging from some of the world’s largest to smallest nations, and from the richest to the poorest, showcasing myriad cultures and religions. The Commonwealth ensures that all members, regardless of size or wealth, have an equal say in shaping its future.

Each year, the Commonwealth Day service is held on the second Monday in March at Westminster Abbey, attended by the monarch, members of the Royal Family, High Commissioners, Ambassadors, faith leaders, honored guests, and young people from across the United Kingdom. The service includes a colorful procession of flags representing all 56 member states, musical and dance performances showcasing the Commonwealth’s cultural diversity, and addresses from inspirational figures emphasizing the Commonwealth’s values of education, environmental stewardship, justice, and peace.