Another weekend full of football passion, spectacle and beautiful goals came to an end. Previously sole top-flight chasers Hellas are tightening the noose around the historic South Melbourne side, putting a wild spin on the NPL championship.

St Albans Saints – South Melbourne

Dethroning South Melbourne from the top of the standings is like trying to steal candy from a well-guarded baby.

But the valiant team accomplished their task and emerged triumphant against the St Albans Saints.

This not only left Heidelberg United and Avondale in the dust, but also blessed us with some divine moments of football magic.

Bonada’s two goals flipped the script, lifting a massive burden off his coach’s shoulders. In the end, South Melbourne outplayed their opponents and took home all the glory. With Brennan’s 79th-minute goal and the cherry on top from the young, Greek Australian Giorgos Tsitsinaris in the 90th, it was a sweet victory indeed for the historic club.

Dandenong City – Heidelberg United

Let’s kick things off with the basics: John Anastasiadis, a boss coach who inherited a solid team.

But let’s be real, they were about as balanced as a one-legged pirate on a tightrope. Poor old Alexandros has been stuck in “meh” territory on the table for ages. But this season, they’ve stepped up their game.

The “yellow and black” crew has been putting on a show and proving they’re the real deal.

Last Friday’s game was no exception.

Heidelberg United came out swinging and gave us a seriously epic first half. Anastasiades’ squad owned that field for a full 45 minutes – their ball skills were smoother than a fresh jar of Nutella.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before they netted one. By halgftime the score was already 0-2 for United. Even when Hennessey managed to sneak one in the 52nd minute, we all knew they didn’t stand a chance against coach Anastasiadis’ perfectly-oiled football machine.

And helloooo, can we talk about Sean Ellis?

This seasoned pro worked his magic on the right wing, cut inside, and somehow, someway managed to score a beautiful goal that sealed the deal for Alexandros.

This win is proof that they are destined for greatness this year.

Hume City – Oakleigh Cannons

The cannons have rolled in, ready to conquer the league’s peak.

Coach Chris Taylor’s squad faced off against a formidable opponent this weekend: Hume City.

The clash was intense as both teams fought for control. But it was the young defender Emlyn Wellsmore who stole the show with an unexpected and powerful goal, sending fans at Hume’s stadium into a frenzy.

The hosts tried to retort in the second half, but it was clear that the visitors were determined to snatch the win. And with a stunning volley from outside the box, Salmon solidified the cannons’ victory and reminded everyone why he’s one of the league’s top strikers.

This triumph propels the cannons to third place, right on the heels of South Melbourne and Alexandros.

Avondale – Port Melbourne

It was a tough day for Port Melbourne as they faced off against Avondale.

Despite their valiant efforts, the Greek Australian team just couldn’t match up to the champions’ skill on the pitch.

There was a glimmer of hope when Peters scored a smashing goal in the 11th minute, but alas, it was not enough to turn the tables.

Brice’s goal kept the score 2 – 1 before halftime, but things went downhill for Port Melbourne as Avondale unleashed a barrage of goals in the second half.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kur Kur sealed the deal with a last-minute goal, sending Port Melbourne packing with a 5-1 loss.

But let’s not forget the incredible journey that led them to this point, as Nick Marinos’ team has proven they belong in the top tier.

The VPL1

George Katsakis’ reborn Bentleigh Greens dominated the derby against Brunswick City. Despite facing an early deficit, the hosts bounced back in the second half and claimed a 3-1 victory. It was a delightful showcase of football that solidified the impressive transformation of the rejuvenated Bentleigh Greens.

Kingston City’s pride took a beating as Caroline Springs trampled them on their own turf. Despite Clarida’s valiant efforts, a final score of 2-3 thwarted their hopes, thanks to the visiting team’s scoring prowess.

The VPL2

After some time lost in the wilderness, Box Hill United has finally found their way back to victory lane. Playing host to Doveton, Pythagoras knew that a win was the only way to escape the “basement” of the table.

And with a final score of 2-1, they not only achieved their goal, but also catapulted themselves to the ninth place on the standings.

Talk about a comeback!


Melbourne Knights – Green Gully 3 – 3 (45′ G. Albano, 48′ C. Bramwell, 51′ B. Carrigan – 17′ M. Adam, 56′ S. Ahmed, 67′ J. Hope)

Dandenong City – Heidelberg United 1 – 3 (52′ M. Hennessey – 23′ K. Sheppard, 43′ J. Ali, 64′ S. Ellis)

Avondale – Port Melbourne Sharks 5 – 1 (9′ C. Cuba, 27′ A. Brice, 60′ G. Ott, 77′ C. Cuba, 90+3′ K. Kur – 11′ E. Peters)

Moreland City – Dandenong Thunder 4 – 0 (1′ J. Arancibia, 4′ M. Tzoutidis, 27′ A. Ukuno, 38′ J. Arancibia)

Manningham United – Altona Magic 4 – 5 (49′ X. Theodorakopoulos, 76′ M. Al Saadi, 77′ T. Toundas, 78′ T. Golding – 4′ B. Juach, 60′ B. Juach, 64′ B. Juach, 68′ D. Anastovski, 85′ S. Lawless)

Hume City – Oakleigh Cannons 0 – 2 (33′ E. Wellsmore, 87′ A. Salmon)

St Albans Saints – South Melbourne 1 – 4 (1′ A. Gerez – 8′ N. Bonada, 30′ N. Bonada, 79′ A. Brennan, 90′ Γ. Τσιτσινάρης)

Alexandros fans were excited with their teams performance. Photo: James Deliyannis


Teams Matches Points

1. South Melbourne 13 31

2. Heidelberg Utd 13 29

3. Avondale 13 29

4. Oakleigh Cannons 13 28

5. Hume City 13 26

6. Port Melb Sharks 13 21

7. Dand City 13 16

8. Altona Magic 13 16

9. Melb Knights 13 15

10. Green Gully 13 15

11. Dand Thunder 13 11

12. Manningham 13 9

13. St. Albans 13 7

14. Moreland 13 3


Preston Lions – Langwarrin 4 – 1

Bentleigh Greens – Brunswick City 3 – 1

Eastern Lions – Werribee City 1 – 1

North Geelong – Melbourne City 0 – 3

Kingston City – Caroline Springs 2 – 3

Western United – Melbourne Victory 4 – 4

Bulleen Lions – Northcote City*

* This match was played be played on Monday afternoon (13/5)


Teams Matches Points

1. Melb Victory 13 33

2. Preston Lions 13 27

3. Northcote 12 23

4. Bentl Greens 13 23

5. Western Utd 13 23

6. Langwarrin 13 18

7. Brunswick City 13 16

8. Bulleen Lions 12 16

9. Carol Springs 13 15

10. Kingston 13 14

11. Melb City 13 13

12. Eastern Lions 13 11

13. Werribee City 13 8

14. North Geelong 13 4


Box Hill United – Doveton 2 – 1

Pascoe Vale – FC Melbourne Srbija 0 – 2

Essendon Royals – Altona City 0 – 1

Beaumaris – Goulburn Valley Suns 1 – 0

North Sunshine Eagles – Boroondara Carey Eagles 2 – 0

Nunawading City – Brunswick Juventus 3 – 5


Teams Matches Points

1. Altona City 9 21

2. Brun Juventus 9 21

3. FC Melb. Serbia 9 20

4. Nth Sunsh. Eagles 9 19

5. Essendon Royals 9 15

6. Pascoe Vale 9 12

7. Boroondara Eagles 9 11

8. Nunawading City 9 10

9. Box Hll 9 9

10. Goulburn Valley 9 7

11. Beaumaris 8 4

12. Doveton 9 3