Greek Australian actor Nikita Chronis is starring in his first feature length film, Pure Scum.

The independent film directed by Gideon Aroni follows two guys in their mid-twenties over 24 hours after they’re involved in a deadly car crash.

Chronis plays Jesse, one of the main characters, who were both top dogs in high school but have since dropped out in life, and are now trying to relive their glory days.

He describes it as a fast paced, graphic, action packed, crazy film.

Main characters Jesse and Ayden attempt to rekindle and retain their top-dog reputation. Photo: Supplied

“It follows these two guys as they go through the consequences of their actions, through all the different psychological stages and are sort of crippled by the end of it with having to face the reality of what they’ve done,” Chronis told Neos Kosmos.

“I’m very honoured to have worked with so many great actors including Will Hutchins, who played co-protagonist Ayden, and crew members in this shoot.

“They were exceptional and I’m looking forward to being part of and witnessing their tremendous futures.”

Both protagonists go through different psychological stages following a car accident. Photo: Supplied

The film was shot entirely in Melbourne by new production company Off Kilter Productions, with Chronis in mind for the role from the early stages.

If Chronis had to compare it to any other films, he said it would be most like the Safdie brothers’ Good Time (2017) and Uncut Gem (2019).

The Greek Aussie’s ability was pushed to the max.

“It’s definitely a film that stretched me the most as an actor so far in my early career,” he said.

“It was psychologically intense – the work that I’ve put in and some of the other actors as well put in was quite intense.

“At the same time this is my full-length feature film, so I’m still very green to the process and very green to acting at that capacity, and to that sort of schedule.”

While it was his most challenging, Chronis said it was his most rewarding experience.

Will Hutchins plays Ayden. Photo: Supplied

“It sounds cliche, but it does feel like a massive learning experience for me and I hope that I can take a lot of the lessons that I’ve learned on that feature into future projects and continue to develop as an actor.”

He said he’s learned a lot from the whole process and feedback, positive or negative, will improve his craft.

Chronis has performed in many short films and theatre productions, both in Australia and Vietnam.

These credits include the internationally nominated ‘The Method’ and award-winning ‘The Chill’.

‘Pure Scum’ is the biggest project he’s done besides his stint on Neighbours and his work on upcoming series Time Bandits by Jemaine Clement, Iain Morris and Taika Waititi.