Police are investigating two incidents that occurred at the home of Greek Australian Andrew Triantafyllos, which saw two cars allegedly driven into the house before being set ablaze.

The incidents took place around 2am on Tuesday morning at the Essendon home of Triantafyllos on McCracken Street, as reported by 9News.

The former luxury car dealer was at home with his partner during the incidents, though neither was physically harmed.

Police are investigating the situation, which saw the front fence and window damaged following the suspicious fire that they have described as “targeted” and are working to discover any motive.

9News added that their understanding was this was the third time the home has allegedly been targeted in the last year, based on information provided by neighbours, and that Triantafyllos declined to comment when they approached him.

The Greek Australian was declared bankrupt in 2018 after repeatedly refusing to pay dozens of his creditors, including nearly $6 million to the Australian Tax Office.

The Melburnian was also fined more than $4000 for failing to give evidence in court as part of a Consumer Affairs investigation into luxury car hire services.