Greek Women of the Northern Suburbs ‘Anemones’, recently gathered together to celebrate Mother’s Day.

After their regular dance class, the members enjoyed a meal while listening to poems read by Eva Karpetis and Irene Volou.

A special acknowledgement was extended to two members, Katerina Balasi and Asimina Papadopoulou who are the oldest mothers in the group and original members.

Both ladies joined the Anemones in 2000 and have been active members for 24 years

Dina Dimos presented everyone with a small bouquet of flowers she made with flowers from her garden.

President Nola Radiotis thanked all for their attendance, and wished everyone a happy Mother’s Day, good health and happiness.

She also stated that most members are also grandmothers and even great grandmothers and acknowledged the contributions they make to their families.

More photos below:

Longtime members Katerina Balasi and Asimina Papadopoulou received special acknowledgement. Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied