The second book in Australian travel writer Sally Jane Smith’s ‘Packing for Greece’ series has come out with a bang, with the newly released ‘Repacking for Greece’ to be celebrated with an official launch event as part of the Words on the Waves Writers’ Festival.

The book, which released earlier this year, will be the subject of a free, public launch at Tuggerah Library in NSW’s Central Coast on the evening of Wednesday 5 June, and will see Smith accompanied by fellow authors Deborah Pike and Meg Vertigan.

“It is such an honour to have my work selected by Words on the Waves, a festival that has transformed the literary landscape of the Central Coast,” Smith said ahead of the Festival event.

“There will be olives and feta, of course, and a glass of bubbles to mark the occasion.”

‘Repacking for Greece’ book cover. Photo: Supplied

Smith has described ‘Repacking for Greece’ as “a journey of replenishment, a testament to the transformative power of travel in overcoming anxiety and embracing life’s boundless possibilities”.

The two books have explored various locations of Greece, with this latest instalment building on the first to include Delphi, Nafplio, Hydra, among other notable places.

Together, the series has taken readers to sixteen locations of Greece and received acclaim in the homeland and among the Greece-focused literary community.

The books are indicative of Smith’s passion for world travel, having lived on five continents and visited 33 countries of which she credits Greece as the main inspiration behind her decision to write.