The Greek community was in stitches with laughter during the weekend performance of “The Woman Should Fear the Man,” presented by the acclaimed EEAAMA theatre troupe.

Despite many older audience members being familiar with the play from the 1960s film of the same name, both long-time fans and new viewers were pleasantly surprised by the fresh and engaging performance.

The premiere took place on Saturday, in front of more than 250 enthusiastic theatre-goers.

The EEAAMA theatre group, known for its successful 74-year tradition, elevated the bar even higher with this production.

Laughter filled the venue non-stop, culminating in an ovation as the actors delivered their best performances. The success of the play can be attributed to the guidance and inventive direction of Harry Konstantinidis, who crafted an excellent production.

The play addresses issues that arose during the transforming Athens of the 1960s and 1970s, alongside the problems of human relationships and daily life challenges. The central characters, Antonakis and Eleni, are a typical couple of the era, struggling to balance the new morals brought by modernisation and the difficulties it caused in their coexistence.

This comedy depicts Antonakis and Eleni’s struggle, showing how, armed with love, they manage to overcome these challenges.

As the play unfolds, the “unmarried” Elenitsa and the “tyrant” Antonakis, who continually “takes his hat and leaves,” cause abundant laughter.

Performances featuring 12 distinguished actors within the community, will continue for three more weekends at South Oakleigh Secondary College.

Specifically, the cast includes:

Christos Koutes

Eleni Baveli

Angela Grouta

Paulina Koulepi Kalaitzi

Nikos Veligkos

George Karras

Christianna Fanariti

Alexandros Tseregounis

Virginia Vlassopoulou

Konstantinos Tremoulis

Nelli Kougra

Makis Chatzilepos

Performance Schedule:

Saturday, May 25 at 6.30pm

Sunday, May 26 at 4.30pm

Saturday, June 1 at 6.30pm

Sunday, June 2 at 4:30 pm

Saturday, June 8 at 6.30pm

Sunday, June 9 at 4.30pmAll performances will be held at South Oakleigh Secondary College.