Get ready to catch the most riveting and enthralling season in recent history because this week brings another round of matches that are simply unmissable.

Oakleigh Cannons – Heidelberg United

Get ready for an epic showdown at the picturesque Oakleigh as the local Cannons take on the revived Heidelberg United for a derby dripping with Greek culture.

With the third spot in the standings, the Cannons are on fire after their stellar win against Manningham United.

But don’t underestimate Heidelberg, they may have just drawn their last game, but their spirits are still soaring. John Anastasiadis’ squad is on a roll this season and they are determined to make a statement against the top clubs in the division.

There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with friends, football, cold beers, and mouth-watering souvlakia from the Cannons’ canteen.

Now that’s a match made in heaven.

South Melbourne – Moreland City

South Melbourne is on a mission to keep their rivals at bay and solidify their number one spot in the league. Their next goal? Crushing Moreland City in front of their home crowd.

Meanwhile, the fierce Hellas have already paved their way to the next round of the cup, leaving them hungry for some championship glory. On a fateful Tuesday, the mighty Greek Australian squad dominated the Preston Lions on their own turf, leaving the opponent in shambles with a smashing 2-5 victory.

On a winning streak, the home team has been bagging victories left and right, dominating their local rivals and reigning supreme in the standings.

On the other hand, Moreland City is pretty much in the dumps, barely clinging on to the bottom rung of the ladder with a measly six points.

But hey, they did manage to squeeze out a win against Green Gully last week, so maybe there’s still hope for them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean South Melbourne should go easy on them. In fact, they should treat this game like an intense battle for the throne because, let’s face it, sometimes it’s the meek who surprise us the most.

So buckle up and get ready for a showdown.

The battle for the Australian Cup was hotter than a sizzling gyro, with South Melbourne rallying up a solid fan base to take on the Preston Lions on Tuesday night. Photo: James Deliyannis

Port Melbourne – Melbourne Knights

Hold onto your fins, Port Melbourne is gearing up for another tough home rumble against the Melbourne Knights.

The ‘sharks’ are riding high after surfacing victorious against the St Albans Saints, cementing their spot as sixth in the table. Looks like the Knights may need a knight in shining armor to save them from their current slump and lack of drive.

But get ready for a wild showdown filled with heart-pumping action and drama, because when it comes to football, things are always fintense. Don’t sleep on this one.


Get ready for some high stakes drama this Sunday afternoon (26/05) as Western United takes on Northcote City in a nail-biting VPL1 league match. These fierce rivals are only one point apart, creating a must-watch derby showdown.

The Bentleigh Greens are ready to take the field on Friday night with one goal in mind: to maul the Bulleen Lions and climb their way up the table. Victory is the dish they’re serving – and the “Greens” intend to savour every last bite.

Get ready to cheer on Brunswick City as they face off against the North Geelong Warriors this weekend! The game starts at 3pm on Saturday afternoon and promises to be full of action and excitement.

Watch out as Kingston City takes on formidable Melbourne City. The “red and whites” better start kicking it into high gear if they want to climb out of the foot of the ladder.


This week, Box Hill United faces off against Beaumaris in a do-or-die away game. But don’t be fooled by their last place ranking, the host team will definitely bring their A-game and give Box Hill a run for their money.


Saturday, 25/5

Green Gully – Hume City 1pm

Avondale – St Albans Saints 3pm

Port Melbourne Sharks – Melbourne Knights 5pm

Altona Magic -Dandenong City 6.15pm

Dandenong Thunder – Manningham United 7pm

Sunday, 26/5

Oakleigh Cannons -Heidelberg United 3pm

South Melbourne – Moreland City 4pm


Teams Matches Points

1. South Melbourne 14 35

2. Avondale 14 32

3. Oakleigh Cannons 14 31

4. Heidelberg Utd 13 30

5. Hume City 14 27

6. Port Melb Sharks 14 24

7. Altona Magic 14 17

8. Dand City 14 16

9. Melb Knights 14 15

10. Green Gully 14 15

11. Dand Thunder 14 12

12. Manningham 14 9

13. St. Albans 14 7

14. Moreland 14 6


Friday, 24/5

Werribee City – Caroline Springs 8.30pm

Bentleigh Greens – Bulleen Lions 8.30pm

Saturday, 25/5

Melbourne City – Kingston City 3pm

Brunswick City – North Geelong Warriors 3pm

Eastern Lions –Langwarrin 3pm

Sunday, 26/5

Western United – Northcote City 4pm

Monday, 27/5

Melbourne Victory –Preston Lions 8.30pm


Teams Matches Points

1. Melb Victory 14 33

2. Preston Lions 14 30

3. Northcote 14 27

4. Western Utd 14 26

5. Bentl Greens 14 23

6. Langwarrin 14 21

7. Bulleen Lions 14 17

8. Brunswick City 14 16

9. Melb City 14 16

10. Eastern Lions 14 15

11. Carol Springs 14 15

12. Kingston 14 14

13. Werribee City 14 11

14. North Geelong 14 4


Friday, 24/5

Nunawading City – Altona City 7.30pm

Brunswick Juventus – Boroondara 8.30pm

Essendon Royals – FC Melbourne Serbia 8.30pm

Saturday, 25/5

Beaumaris – Box Hill United 3pm

North Sunshine Eagles – Goulburn Valley Suns 3pm

Doveton City – Pascoe Vale 3pm


Teams Matches Points

1. Nth Sunsh. Eagles 10 22

2. Brun Juventus 10 22

3. Altona City 10 22

4. FC Melb. Serbia 10 20

5. Pascoe Vale 10 15

6. Essendon Royals 10 15

7. Boroondara Eagles 10 14

8. Nunawading City 10 13

9. Box Hill 10 9

10. Goulburn Valley 10 7

11. Doveton 10 6

12. Beaumaris 10 4