The Greek Community of Melbourne is set to host political science lecturer and prolific writer on Greek and Balkan history, Alexander Billinis from Clemson University with his presentation on the journey of the Serbian Army during World War II in Corfu.

The event titled ‘The Heroic Retreat – Serbs in Corfu’ will be held on Thursday, 6 June at 7pm online via YouTube and Facebook.Billinis will dive into World War I and it’s onset with the Austro-Hungarian attack on Serbia. Following a year of fierce defence, the Serbian Army faced overwhelming pressure from Austro-Hungarian, German, and Bulgarian forces. Rather than surrender, the Serbian Army chose a courageous retreat through Albania to the Adriatic Coast—a tragic journey known as the “Albanian Golgotha.”

Out of the 400,000 Serbian soldiers and civilians, along with 23,000 Austrian prisoners of war who started the journey, only about 170,000 reached the Albanian coast. The Allies then relocated them to Corfu in neutral Greece. There, the Serbian Army recuperated in a supportive environment and prepared for a counter-attack on the Central Powers on the Salonika Front.

About Alexander Billinis:

Billinis holds a master’s degree in history with a focus on the Greek Merchant Marine and is set to begin a PhD in digital history.

He writes extensively on topics related to the Greek Merchant Marine, the Greek Diaspora, the Balkans, and Byzantium, and is a regular contributor to Neos Kosmos.

His diverse career includes roles as an attorney, international banker, and journalist. He has lived and worked in the US, UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Chile, Hungary, and Serbia.

Billinis holds a J.D. in international law from American University and a degree in Western and Eastern European Studies from Georgetown University. He has deep roots in the island of Hydra, whose history and culture he frequently explores in his writings.

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