Oakleigh Cannons – Heidelberg United

On a sunny Sunday, the unstoppable Oakleigh Cannons hosted a rocking bash at Jack Edwards while demolishing Heidelberg United on the field. It’s clear that Chris Taylor’s team has ditched their “just competing” attitude of the past few weeks and are now ready to fight till the end for the spotlight.

Valentini dazzled in the derby against the “yellow and black” squad, setting up Salmon for the first goal in the 34th minute and then netting a killer header in the 39th, securing a 2-0 lead. With gifted wingers like him, the league is blessed, as evidenced by the Cannons’ consistent top-notch performance.

In the 55th minute, Hampson sealed the deal with another header, making the score a sweet 3-0.

After that, the hosts seemed to ease off, giving the visitors more room to roam.

But with their cool composure and iron-like control, they clinched yet another crucial win, getting even closer to the likes of Avondale and South Melbourne.

Port Melbourne – Melbourne Knights

Port Melbourne is too hard to die.

Led by the unstoppable Nick Marinos, these footballers give it their all on the field. They’re like Energizer bunnies, constantly running, fighting, and chasing that winning result until the ref blows the whistle. And on Saturday against the legendary Melbourne Knights, they finally got what they deserved – a glorious victory.

In true underdog fashion, Port Melbourne has climbed the ranks and is now nipping at the heels of the top five teams.

The game may have started slow, with a midfield tango, but things quickly heated up in the second half. It was a wild ride, with no one able to predict the winner. But as they say, fortune favours the bold. And the Port Melbourne Sharks dared to dream, resulting in a well-deserved win.

They attacked with all they had in the final minutes, and boy, did it pay off! In the 85th minute, Eoghan Stokes notched a goal with a little help from lady luck, and the team erupted in celebration.

But they weren’t done yet. Just two minutes later, the visiting team’s hopes were crushed with another goal from Byrns.

With this impressive win, Nick Marinos and his team are proving to be top contenders in this year’s championship.

The Port Melbourne Sharks secured a big victory against the Melbourne Knights. Photo: Con Deves

South Melbourne – Moreland City

A soirée was thrown at the picturesque Albert Park on Sunday afternoon.

The South Melbourne squad dominated the game, netting four fabulous goals against Moreland City, keeping them firmly at the top of the leaderboard with a cheeky three-point lead over the reigning champs, Avondale.

In the 28th minute, the visitors took the upper hand when Matt Sporle scored from a delicious through ball and a goalie blunder.

But South Melbourne promptly levelled the playing field in the 34th minute thanks to Max Mikkola. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any spicier, Bonada slid one in to put the Greek Australian team ahead before half-time.

The second half was no different, with South Melbourne continuing their dominance and Bonada finding the back of the net again in the 70th minute off a divine cross from Andrew Brenanan.

Moreland managed to make it 3 – 2 with Jose Sanz but Harrison Sawyer score a beautiful goal in the 92nd minute to seal a resounding victory.

Yet another brilliant display from Esteban Quintas’ squad, proving their determination to snag that top spot.


Bentleigh Greens put up a good fight against Bulleen Lions, but unfortunately, they couldn’t secure a win. Despite their spirited efforts, they could only take the lead twice and ended up with just one point.

A Greek tragedy ensued in Brunswick City as the home team suffered an unexpected loss on their own turf. The mighty warriors of North Geelong proved to be formidable foes, slaying their higher-ranked opponents with a flawless 2-0 victory.

The “combat” between Melbourne City and Kingston City ended in a stalemate. While Kingston struck first in the 10th minute, City came back swinging in the 27th minute, leaving both teams with a single point to show for their efforts.

The highly anticipated match between Western United and Northcote City had fans on the edge of their seats as both teams gave it their all. The end result? A nail-bitingly entertaining 3-3 draw that left spectators in a state of shock and awe.


Box Hill United came, saw, conquered. Pythagoras ventured to Beaumaris and outshined the home team. Clinching two goals and keeping a clean sheet, the visitors achieved their goal and headed back to Box Hill triumphant with three points in tow.


Green Gully – Hume City 1 – 2 (28′ S. Ahmed – 60′ M. Platt, 89′ J. Bingham)

Avondale – St Albans Saints 2 – 1 (15′ Y. Ahmed, 47′ G. Ott – 56′ J. Colina)

Port Melbourne Sharks – Melbourne Knights 2 – 0 (86′ E. Stokes, 89′ [A])

Altona Magic – Dandenong City 0 – 2 (5′ W. Bower, 69′ K. Athiu)

Dandenong Thunder – Manningham United 2 – 1 (15′ W. Dekker, 78′ W. Dekker – 70′ T. Golding)

Oakleigh Cannons – Heidelberg United 3 – 0 (34′ A. Salmon, 39′ S. Valentini, 55′ C. Hampson)

South Melbourne – Moreland City 4 – 2 (34′ M. Mikkola, 38′ N. Bonada, 70′ N. Bonada, 90+3′ H. Sawyer – 28′ M. Sporle, 86′ J. Sanz)


Teams Matches Points

1. South Melbourne 15 38

2. Avondale 15 35

3. Oakleigh Cannons 15 34

4. Heidelberg Utd 15 30

5. Hume City 15 30

6. Port Melb Sharks 15 27

7. Dand City 15 19

8. Altona Magic 15 17

9. Melb Knights 15 15

10. Green Gully 15 15

11. Dand Thunder 15 15

12. Manningham 15 9

13. St. Albans 15 7

14. Moreland 15 6

Stefan Valentini was just amazing against Heidelberg United . Photo: Supplied


Werribee City – Caroline Springs 1 – 1

Bentleigh Greens – Bulleen Lions 2 – 2

Melbourne City – Kingston City 1 – 1

Brunswick City – North Geelong Warriors 0 – 2

Eastern Lions – Langwarrin 2 – 1

Western United – Northcote City 3 – 3

Melbourne Victory – Preston Lions*

*This game takesplace on Monday afternoon (27/05)


Teams Matches Points

1. Melb Victory 14 33

2. Preston Lions 14 30

3. Northcote 15 28

4. Western Utd 15 27

5. Bentl Greens 15 24

6. Langwarrin 15 21

7. Bulleen Lions 15 18

8. Eastern Lions 15 18

9. Melb City 15 17

10. Brunswick City 15 16

11. Carol Springs 15 16

12. Kingston 15 15

13. Werribee City 15 12

14. North Geelong 15 7


Nunawading City – Altona City 0 – 1

Brunswick Juventus – Boroondara 1 – 1

Essendon Royals – FC Melbourne Serbia 0 – 2

Beaumaris – Box Hill United 0 – 2

North Sunshine Eagles – Goulburn Valley Suns 4 – 4

Doveton City – Pascoe Vale 1 – 0

Referee Yannis Zisis completed 100 in the NPL. Photo: Supplied


Teams Matches Points

1. Altona City 11 25

2. Brun Juventus 11 23

3. Nth Sunsh. Eagles 11 23

4. FC Melb. Serbia 11 23

5. Pascoe Vale 11 15

6. Essendon Royals 11 15

7. Boroondara Eagles 11 15

8. Nunawading City 11 13

9. Box Hill 11 12

10. Doveton 11 9

11. Goulburn Valley 11 8

12. Beaumaris 11 4