Kylie Munchenberg (nee Markou) lost her mother to pancreatic cancer 15 years ago.

She was diagnosed at 49 and passed away at 51, which impacted her life at such a young age.

So, when Cancer Council SA started an ambassador program, Kylie joined with the first batch of recruits and since then has been helping raise funds toward research and support for people diagnosed with cancer.

“I’ve done little things like gift wrap at Westfields. I’ve done daffodil days and hosted morning tea and every five years, for the anniversary of my mum. I do a larger event,” she told Neos Kosmos.

“I did one 10 years ago where we raised $20,000.”

This Sunday June 2, a large group of ladies will be going down to Mylk Bar on Waymouth St in Adelaide, and 10 ladies will be cutting their hair and donating it to sustainable salons.

Including Kylie half of the women cutting their hair are Greek, Irene Markou Greening, Athena Ginos (nee Demourtizidis), Anita Markou Aquilina and Alexia Rologas.

Kylie Munchenberg (left) and Jackie Amos (right), owners of Kiki and Poppi. Photo: Supplied

“They will use our hair and get it through to the right channel to have it made into wigs for people that have lost their hair.”

“We’ve also all been fundraising on Cancer Council SA, and so far, we’ve raised $16,000.

“We hope to get to $20,000 for Cancer Council SA and then at the event any money that’s raised on the day I am looking to donate that directly to a family that is currently affected by cancer. I hope on the day to raise about $5000.”

Kylie co-owns Kiki and Poppi, an event stationery and event hire company, together with Jackie Amos (nee Carypidis).

The company is named after their yiayias, Kyriaki and Kaliopi.

Kylie said she is very fortunate to be around a supportive community.

“I do think a lot of that is to do with being part of a Greek family and the Greek culture.”

“There’s such a huge emphasis on family and support

“Not everyone is fortunate enough to have that level of support and that’s why the Cancer Council is so important because they do provide support services.”