The thrilling Europa Conference League victory of Olympiacos was felt from its dedicated fanbase all across the globe, with many Melburnian supporters turning Oakleigh into a site of celebration for the “red-whites”.

Olympiacos fulfilled the dreams of its vast network of followers when they achieved the impossible dream of winning a European trophy, with its numerous fans meeting up in groups of various sizes around the world.

One such congregation took place at Melissa in Oakleigh, with many going to Eaton Mall in the hours of the morning to watch the match.

Olympiacos rewarded its fans that were watching in Greece and around the globe with a win, validating especially the Australians who had to wake up in the early hours of the morning for it.

Olympiacos fans in Oakleigh gather to watch the Europa Conference Final at the early morning hours braving the cold. Photos: Con Deves

The celebrations were ignited with the final whistle and went wild all across Greece with supporters in every city flooding the streets and drenching it in red and white, with flags, scarves, jerseys, fireworks, firecrackers and flares.

These took place in huge numbers in Athens, while many also came together in Volos, Lamia, Pyrgos, and Patra.

The same level of excitement was demonstrated from its fanbase in the diaspora, with Oakleigh serving as an example of the many individuals who watched and celebrated their beloved Olympiacos for the most historic win in its history.

Needless to say, the incredible achievement of Jose Luis Mendilibar’s men has created a moment in time that Olympiacos fans worldwide will never forget.

More photos from Con Deves below: