Get ready for another round of heart-racing matches in this rollercoaster of a season. The table is in for a wild ride as the Greek Australian teams flaunt their skills and make their fans beam with even more pride. Ready or not, here they come!

South Melbourne – Manningham United

The stage is set for round 17 to commence, with South Melbourne Hellas taking on the formidable Manningham United.

South Melbourne’s improvement is reaching new heights this season, giving them a real shot at reaching their goals.

However, Manningham’s playing style is as unpredictable as the weather, with a strong midfield led by Christos Theodorakopoulos that can strike fear into any opponent.

Though, their defense is like a wet paper bag, having conceded a whopping forty-four goals this season – talk about leaving the back door open!

It’s a classic case of the top offense (minus Avondale) facing off against the leakiest defense in the league – this could be an exhilarating match.

But let’s not forget, us fans know that in football, anything goes, so who knows what twists and turns will unfold on Friday night. Make sure you have your seat reserved!

Oakleigh Cannons – Dandenong City

Watch out for the sizzling Oakleigh Cannons this week as they will be tearing up the pitch at their home ground.

Chris Taylor’s team has shed their underdog image and are now charging towards the top, ready to take down South Melbourne with a fiery vengeance.

But don’t underestimate their opponents, the unpredictable Dandenong City, who are riding high on a two-game winning streak and are determined to secure a spot in the top six.

With just a six-point gap between them and sixth-placed Port Melbourne, this match is a crucial one for both teams, and City players will undoubtedly give it their all to come out on top against the red-hot Cannons.

Green Gully – Heidelberg United

Get ready for another dangerous escapade for Heidelberg United Alexandros!

The “yellow and black” team is headed to Keilor Downs to take on their longtime Green Gully.

While the “greens” were hoping for a grand season with their shiny new players, their performances have been a disappointment, with a current ranking of tenth place. But that won’t stop United from swooping in for the win.

The upcoming match will definitely be a test for John Anastasiadis and his crew.

They’ll need to stay on their toes and give it their all if they want to snag those precious three points and keep within striking distance of the top spot.

No pressure, right?

Port Melbourne – Hume City

The magnificent Port Melbourne warriors are geared up to defend their home turf this week against Hume City.

The visitors will have to tread lightly as they only hold on to a fragile three-point lead against the fiery Greek Australian squad. An epic derby match filled with high stakes and intense rivalry will commence at 5 pm on Saturday.

Nikos Marinos and his fearless footballers are primed and ready for a potential game-changer. Wishing them nothing but triumph!


Get ready for all the drama, adrenaline and nail-biting action in the upcoming 17th round of VPL1. With two highly sought-after matches kicking off Friday night, it’s bound to be a thrilling start. The highly-anticipated derby between Northcote and Preston Lions at Thornbury’s John Memorial Park is set to bring the heat, with both teams holding onto second place in the standings with thirty-one points each. These players thrive for moments like this, where they can leave it all on the field and fight for victory. Don’t even dream about missing out on this epic showdown.

While one derby kicks off in Thornbury , a battle of the underdogs begins on the other side of town. The stakes are high for Kingston as they sit in twelfth place, a mere three points ahead of the hometown heroes, Werribee.

Prepare for the showdown between Melbourne City and Brunswick City this Saturday at 3pm. It’s guaranteed to be an epic battle as the Brunswick footballers put their heart and soul on the line, determined to rule over City. A win could launch the Greek-Australian team to newfound heights in the rankings.

This weeks final showdown for the Greek Australian teams sees Western United and Bentleigh Greens face off in a nail-biting matchup. With only five points and one spot separating these fierce foes, it’s the perfect chance for George Katsakis’ squad to climb up a couple spots on the table.


Get ready for some Pythagorean magic as Box Hill United takes on North Sunshine Eagles on their home turf. The mighty Greek Australian team may have a challenge ahead, but only by facing fierce competitors like the Eagles can they soar to victory in the future.


Friday, 7/6

South Melbourne – Manningham United 7.30pm

Saturday, 8/6

Green Gully- Heidelberg United 1pm

Avondale – Moreland City 3pm

Port Melbourne Sharks – Hume City 5pm

Dandenong Thunder – Altona Magic 7pm

Sunday, 9/6

St Albans Saints – Melbourne Knights 3pm

Monday, 10/6

Oakleigh Cannons – Dandenong City 3pm

Port Melbourne will compete against Hume City this week. Photo: Con Deves


1. South Melbourne 16 41

2. Oakleigh Cannons 16 37

3. Avondale 16 36

4. Heidelberg Utd 16 33

5. Hume City 16 30

6. Port Melb Sharks 16 28

7. Dand City 16 22

8. Altona Magic 16 17

9. Melb Knights 16 16

10. Green Gully 16 16

11. Dand Thunder 16 15

12. Manningham 16 10

13. St. Albans 16 7

14. Moreland 16 7


Friday, 7/6

Werribee City – Kingston City 8.30pm

Northcote City – Preston Lions 8.30pm

Langwarrin v Caroline Springs 8.30pm

Saturday, 8/6

Melbourne City – Brunswick City 3pm

Western United – Bentleigh Greens 5pm

Bulleen Lions v North Geelong Warriors 7pm

Sunday, 9/6

Eastern Lions – Melbourne Victory 3pm


1. Melb Victory 16 35

2. Preston Lions 16 31

3. Northcote 16 31

4. Western Utd 16 30

5. Bentl Greens 16 25

6. Bulleen Lions 16 21

7. Langwarrin 16 21

8. Melb City 16 20

9. Brunswick City 16 19

10. Eastern Lions 16 18

11. Carol Springs 16 16

12. Kingston 16 15

13. Werribee City 16 12

14. North Geelong 16 10


Friday, 7/6

Box Hill United – North Sunshine Eagles 7.30pm

Essendon Royals – Doveton City 8.30pm

Saturday, 8/6

Beaumaris – Pascoe Vale 3pm

Boroondara Carey Eagles – Nunawading City 3pm

Brunswick Juventus – Goulburn Valley Suns 6.15pm

FC Melbourne Srbija – Altona City 6.15pm


1. Altona City 12 26

2. Nth Sunsh. Eagles 12 26

3. FC Melb. Serbia 12 26

4. Brun Juventus 12 23

5. Essendon Royals 12 18

6. Boroondara Eagles 12 16

7. Nunawading City 12 16

8. Pascoe Vale 12 15

9. Box Hill 12 15

10. Doveton 12 9

11. Goulburn Valley 12 8

12. Beaumaris 12 4