Victoria’s Labor party would enter its fourth historic term if an election was held now, according to a poll.

The Herald Sun reports a Redbridge poll of 1000 Victorian voters shows the government has extended its two-party preferred lead over the coalition, 55 to 45.

While Labor has a lesser share of the primary vote than it did when it won the 2022 election, the survey shows those lost voters are not going to the Liberal-National coalition.

Redbridge directors Kos Samaras and Tony Barry said while the coalition was winning back votes from minor parties, it was failing to attract disaffected Labor voters.

Instead votes are going to the Greens, which would go back to Labor in a flow of preferences.

“Our findings reinforce a national trend where major parties either consolidate their base or lose ground to their ideological flanks,” Mr Samaras told the Herald Sun.

“Consequently, Victoria’s highly polarised political landscape results in a static two-party preferred outcome.”

The next state election will be held in November 2026.

Source: AAP