“Mathitofrenia” is an insert in Neos Kosmos, with material produced exclusively by budding young Greek journalists studying in our vibrant Greek schools. Neos Kosmos want to support these young Greek Australians to express themselves and to reflect on various issues in Greek or English.

The editor of Neos Kosmos Sotiris Hatzimanolis said: “We want to give our young students, who are the future of our community and our language, to publish works in Greek and English.”

“We have been producing Mathitofrenia over the last few years as a way of promoting the young students and their work as well as providing them a creative outlet,” Hatzimanolis said.

The Mathitofrenia edition in July will be dedicated to the invasion of Cyprus, and the next edition, on the Olympics, will be published in August.

Greek Orthodox School Oakleigh Grammar – the program is open for all ages. Photo: Supplied

“Each edition will contain the material sent in by all the schools participating. Mathitofrenia is for students of all grades, from kindergarten to Y12 and all levels of Greek language proficiency.

“The themes are an opportunity for children to delve into two very important parts of Greek history and culture and to express their views on them’ the Neos Kosmos editor said.

The two-anniversary editions of Mathitofrenia will be thematic and contain material from all participating schools. The final deadline for receipt of artwork for both the Invasion and the Olympics is Wednesday, 10 July 2024.

Greek Community of Melbourne kindergarten. Photo: Supplied

Mathitofrenia Themes: Each school can send material for both proposed themes (Cyprus, Olympics) in Word format to the same e-mail. The projects can be written or visual.

We invite all Greek schools – in every corner of Australia – to participate by allowing their students to express themselves and be heard.

Of course, individual students can also participate.

How to participate:

*Students can express themselves in Greek or English.

*Schools interested in participating will have to collect the material to be published and proceed to separate it according to the theme it covers (Invasion or Olympics). We propose the creation of a group of students responsible for this, coordinated discreetly by one or more teachers. The work’s publication should be sent to Neos Kosmos, proofed and corrected.

*Delivery: Materials will be sent to editor@neoskosmos.com.au with notification (required) maria@neoskosmos.com.au

For more information and clarifications, the Greek schools are requested to contact the project coordinator at Neos Kosmos, Maria Kampyli, at (03) 94824433 (ext.115) or by sending an e-mail to maria@neoskosmos.com.au