Fifty years after the restoration of democracy this July and those who abstained yesterday, are officially more than those who voted.

In reality, the split is even. Based on the current population of Greece, 10.4 million people, the electoral body is roughly 7.5 million and not 9.4 million, as officially stated.

However, the lowest participation rate ever, since 1974, is indicative of the deligitimisation of politics in Greece and.

This is not a good sign for democracy, or for the economically and politically weak sectors of Greek society.

It should also be noted that this is not a good result for the governing party of New Democracy and PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis, given that in the euroelections in 2019 they won 33 per cent of the vote. Furthermore, only exactly one year ago, New Democracy managed to win 40.6 per cent of the vote, at the national parliamentary elections! In other words, we no longer have a Kyriakos Mitsotakis imperium in Greece! The governing party lost votes mainly to its right. The Greek Solution for example (Kyriakos Velopoulos), managed to double its vote since last year’s national parliamentary elections.

Luckily for the Greek PM though, the dead ends of the Greek center left parties (Syriza, Pasok, New Left, etc) continue.

Having said this, I must also add that the results ensure that Stefanos Kasselakis will be around for sometime and he will be able to mould Syriza any way he likes.

As for the former governing party of Greece PASOK.

Under its current leader Nikos Androulakis, the party does not seem to be able to become the dominant force of the Greek centre left, again… PASOK is running out of time, once and for all, perhaps, whereas Androulakis still has 1.5 years as PASOK leader, before his term expires.

The former governing party of Greece did well in the regions, especially in eastern Crete (Heraklion, Lasithi) where it came first, but it sank in Athens and the rest of Attica.

As for the results in the Greek diasporic communities, where Europe counts for 85 per cent of the 49.000+ votes, the split between left and right is roughly 47 per cent to 53 per cent in favour of the right.

New Democracy dominates by winning on its own right more than 40 per cent of the vote.