The Kalamata Dance Festival, synonymous with the evolution of contemporary dance in Greece, marks its 30th anniversary this year.

Running from July 12 to July 21, this year’s edition is dedicated to the Artists of Movement, celebrating their pursuit of artistic expression and their contributions to the world of dance.

Since its inception in 1995, the Kalamata Dance Festival has grown to become the premier contemporary dance event in Greece and a significant fixture on the European dance calendar.

The festival has a rich history of showcasing top Greek and international choreographers, thanks to the enduring support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the efforts of the Municipal Enterprise for Cultural Development of Kalamata (DEPAK).

This year’s highlights will feature a total of 19 productions, including 10 Greek and nine international companies, indoor and outdoor performances including educational workshops (starting on July 5) for professionals, students and dance/movement enthusiasts.

Among the international acts, the Hessisches Staatsballett will make its debut in Greece with two acclaimed works: “Midnight Raga” by Marco Goecke and “I’m Afraid to Forget Your Smile” by Imre & Marne van Opstal.

Other notable performances include Botis Seva’s “Until We Sleep” and Josef Nadj’s final work, “Full Moon,” which will premiere at the Montpellier Dance Festival before coming to Kalamata.

Celebrating the Artists of Movement

The 30th edition title serves as an homage to the dance artists who continuously push the boundaries of their craft and it is dedicated to all who work with their bodies daily, confronting their limitations and exploring their potential.

All that while inspiring future generations of dancers and audiences, ensuring the sustainability of this timeless form of expression.

The festival’s main artistic program for 2024 will take place at the Kalamata Dance Megaron, with performances scheduled on both the Main Stage and the Black Box Alternative Stage.

Public spaces in Kalamata and other cities in the Peloponnese such as Tripoli, Pylos and Nafplio, will also host performances, side events and collaborations with cultural organisations.

Hessisches Staatsballett.

Main Stage events:

  • Hessisches Staatsballett: Opening the festival on July 12 with “Midnight Raga” and “I’m Afraid to Forget Your Smile.”
  • Patricia Apergi’s “The House of Trouble”: Exploring identity and violence in a production by the Aerites Dance Company.
  • Botis Seva’s “Until We Sleep”: A deeply political and poetic piece combining contemporary dance, physical theater, hip-hop, and black culture.
  • Black Box — Alternative Stage
  • Athanasia Kanellopoulou’s “Two — Matters of Existence”: A world premiere delving into the female gaze.
  • Diego Tortelli’s “TERRANOVA | hidden link”: A piece inspired by mycelia and non-verbal communication.
  • Josef Nadj’s “Full Moon”: A farewell work exploring African cultural symbols and the rhythm of lunar phases.
Botis Seva’s “Until We Sleep”.

Main Square events (outdoor July 12-20):

  • “APPROACH 17. OPENING” by Yoann Bourgeois: A visual poem exploring the balance between climax and fall.
  • “PRESSURE WAVE” by Edivaldo Ernesto and Eva Georgitsopoulou: A dynamic duet performance.
  • “ART WITHIN ONE”: A thrilling dance battle of one-minute improvisations, engaging the audience in selecting the best dancer.

Educational Program (July 5-21)

  • Depth Movement: A 27-hour workshop with Edivaldo Ernesto.
  • Dance and Choreography Workshops for Children and Teens: Led by Vitoria Kotsalou.

Outreach and Collaborations

The festival continues its outreach program in the Peloponnese, presenting performances in Tripoli, Nafplio, and Pylos. Collaborations with the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation and the Museum of Cycladic Art further enrich the festival’s offerings.

When: July 12-21

Where: Kalamata Main Square and selected venues, Kalamata, Greece

Tickets for the 30th Kalamata Dance Festival have gone on presale through Ticketmaster.