Giannis Kostoulias said to Neos Kosmos that he would run again for the presidency of the Federation of Greek Elderly Citizen Clubs of Melbourne and Victoria.

After many years as president of the Federation, Giannis Kostoulias resigned two months ago due to health reasons.

However, he recently told Neos Kosmos that he intends to run for the position again, stating that his health issue has been resolved, stressing that his motivation is to “protect the unity and progress of the organisation.”Last Friday, elections were supposed to be held to appoint a new Board of Directors for the Federation. The polls did not take place due to an insufficient number of candidates.There were nine nominations for seven positions, but two candidates were absent.

The members unanimously decided not to hold elections and to appoint the seven present candidates to form the new council. The new council will meet on Friday to officially establish its structure, where Kostoulias will submit his candidacy for the presidency once again.

From the recent assembly of the Federation of Greek Seniors’ Associations. Photo: Supplied

Dimitra Sardeli, elected president in the elections held two months ago – later annulled due to objections – is included in the new council.

Attempts to exclude her from the Federation were unsuccessful.

At the same time, a legal letter from Michalis Profyris was sent to the Federation and Kostoulias, claiming the Federation did not honour their agreement when their collaboration ended.

Profyris also accuses Kostoulias of defamation, demanding a written retraction and apology.

Kostoulias declined to comment on the contents of the legal letter, stating, “It has been given to our lawyer for review, and we will act according to his advice.”