Get ready to be blown away by the latest updates on Alex Bervanakis’s journey in the world of Karate.

He’s been kicking his way to success, landing a Bronze medal at the 2024 Australian Open in April and scoring a spot on the Victoria team at the upcoming 2024 Karate Australia National Championships.

But that’s not all, he’s also gained a coveted position on the Australian squad for the Commonwealth Karate Championships in Bangladesh this September.

It’s safe to say that Alex has been crushing his opponents like never before.

This martial arts young maestro takes pride in his skills, hard work, and drive to dominate, all thanks to his Dojo, Shindo Karate Academy.

Alex will be representing Australia in the 2024 Commonwealth Karate Championships in Bangladesh this September. Photo: Mark Bervanakis

And as a Greek Australian, he’s about to level up even further by training with the Xenos brothers in Greece this June.

You can bet this experience will take his talents to new heights and open up his mind to the sport.

Alex is an advocate for Karate, one that goes beyond just combat and teaches valuable lessons like respect, perseverance, and the importance of setting and smashing personal goals.

Trust us, we’re already bursting with pride for Alex’s achievements and ready to continue cheering him on as he takes on the world.

Follow his journey on Instagram @alexbervanakis and consider supporting him here.

Looks like we’re all about to witness a rising Karate star in action!