Greece’s national artistic swimming team clinched the silver medal in the Acrobatic event at the European Aquatics Championships in Belgrade, scoring 191.8100 points.

The team narrowly missed the gold, which was awarded to Germany with a score of 192.7166 points.

Despite a rain delay that postponed the start of the final, the Greek team, featuring athletes Maria Alzigouzi-Komminea, Thaleia Dambali, Athina Kamarinopoulou, Zoe Karaggelou, Maria Karapanagiotou, Artemis Koutraki, Ifigeneia Krommydaki, and Vasiliki Thanou, delivered a stellar performance.

The German team, consisting of Klara Bleyer, Amelie Blumenthal Hatch, Maria Denisov, Solene Gissar, Daria Martens, Zuzana Roffner, and Daria Ton, along with 27-year-old diver Fritjof Seidel, secured the top spot.

Italy came in third with a score of 159.2966 points.

The European Aquatics Championships in Belgrade are set to conclude today with three more finals in artistic swimming.

Greece’s Olympic duo, Evangelia Platanioti and Sofia Malkogeorgou, will compete in the technical program final, aiming for a podium finish.

Later in the day, Greece is favoured to win gold in the free team final, with only four countries competing.