This year is 50 years since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and with that the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne & Victoria together with SEKA Victoria and the Cyprus Community of Melbourne & Victoria will be presenting a group of lectures on the Cyprus Issue.

The live lecture sessions begin at 7pm, and are held at the Mezzanine Level of the Greek Centre (168 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne).

There will be two speakers at each 25-minute session and an opportunity to ask questions will follow.

However, the lecture by William Mallinson will only be presented online, on Facebook or YouTube.


Cyprus and Kissinger: Killing the Myth (Online)

Presenter: Professor of Political Ideas & Institutions at Guglielmo Marconi University, Dr William Mallinson

Abstract: “As the author of a recent book on Kissinger, and how he bamboozled Greece, and even Britain, over the invasion of Cyprus, I am surprised at the mainstream media’s eulogising of one of the most cynical armchair executioners the world has ever known. We must put the record straight…”

When: Thursday July 11

The Nature of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus in 1974

Presenter: President of SEKA Victoria, Pavlos Andronikos

Abstract: “Turkish sources describe what we call the “Turkish Invasion” as a “peace operation”. What was it really? How was it conducted, and what were its aims?”

When: Thursday July 18

Cyprus: The Solution Rests with Turkey, Not Greek and Turkish Cypriots

Presenter: President of the Cyprus Community of Melbourne & Victoria, Theo Theophanous

Abstract: “Evidence suggests a majority of Greek and Turkish Cypriots want a free united Cyprus under a federation model. It is a mistake to think that the election of the right-wing Tatar, who is pursuing a two-country model is now the main obstacle. The diaspora has a role in showing the international community that Greek and Turkish Cypriots can coexist under a free united Cyprus Federation, and that Turkey remains the main obstacle.”

When: Thursday July 18

Pseudo State or Defacto State? The Legal Status of the Occupied Part of Cyprus

Presenter: Neos Kosmos contributor, well-known lawyer, poet, and writer, Dean Kalimnou

Abstract: “While the so-called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is considered illegitimate in international law, this lecture looks at the various means by which some world powers seek to treat with that entity as sovereign.”

When: Thursday July 25

Because there are books, there is beauty in this world: The literature of Cyprus and the trauma of the invasion (In Greek Only)

Presenter: Philologist Yannis Milidis

Abstract: “What would our world be without books? Even in moments of national tragedy where there is a risk of the disappearance of an entire people, books come to give breath and spirit to the victims of the tragedy, to ease the memories and dead ends. Books are what hold and record the culture of a people threatened with extinction. Through their books, authors resist injustice and disappearance. We will therefore present how the work of Cypriot writers who lived through the invasion, but even younger ones who did not live through it, change the course of history, giving the beauty of life and culture back to its victims.”

When: Thursday July 25