The Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria is deeply mourning the loss of one of Macedonia’s most passionate and committed sons, Peter Jasonides.

Peter Jasonides served as President of our Association twice, each time pouring his heart and soul into leading our community through extremely challenging and tumultuous periods. His tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to preserving our identity and advocating for our community’s interests are profoundly evident in many of our achievements, both locally and internationally.

Pan-Macedonian President Peter Stefanidis, who served as Secretary of the Federation of Pontian Associations of Australia under the leadership of Peter Jasonides, reflected on his impact: “Whether we agreed or disagreed, whether you were on the same page or not, there was one thing everyone could always agree on: He was a passionate and brilliant Hellene who always made an impact in what he put his mind to. Both the Pontian Federation and Pan-Macedonian Association were forever changed because of his leadership, and I, for one, would probably not have been on the path I’ve traveled for the last 22 years had it not been for him.”

The Board of Directors, the members of the Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria, and every affiliate Macedonian organisation throughout Australia convey our deepest sympathies to his wife Helen and his children Natole and George. Their unwavering support allowed Peter Jasonides to accomplish so much, and we will forever be grateful for it.

In closing, we honor Peter Jasonides with a quote from one of his greatest heroes—a quote that epitomizes his spirit and beliefs and one that he often included in his correspondence as President:

«Ξηρανθήτω ημίν ο λάρυγξ εάν επιλαθώμεθά σου ω Πάτριος Ποντία γη» – Leonidas Iasonides (1884 – 1959)

May the earth rest lightly upon you, son of Macedonia, son of Pontos, son of Greece.