They say that the most objective restaurant reviews come from patrons.

If that is the case, then Funky Gourmet has definitely made the cut into the world’s best, after being ranked 21st out of 25 best fine dining restaurants on a global scale by TripAdvisor users.

The popular website recently released its annual list named ‘Traveller’s Choice’, based on the comments and reviews submitted by millions of users.

Spain’s Martin Berasategui, which has received three Michelin stars since 2001, was in first place, followed by Canadian restaurant Europea and Maison Lameloise in France.

Funky Gourmet also came 13th on the European list and was named No. 1 in Greece, competing with popular restaurants in Athens and the islands.

Located in Kerameikos, an area north-west to the Acropolis, the restaurant is run by chefs Georgianna Chilliadaki and Nick Roussos and can accommodate up to 44 people.

Since 2009, when it first opened its doors to the public, it has won numerous awards, including two Michelin stars.

Featuring Greek contemporary cuisine at its best, the menu is described as being inspired by traditional flavours, served in an innovative and playful approach.

“We re-think our tradition and strive to create an avant-garde cuisine, that evokes emotions and triggers memories, that is refined, provoking, amusing. A Funky Gourmet cuisine,” claims the team on their website.