A video released as part of Chanel’s new campaign for its latest anti-ageing product, Blue Serum is dedicated to Greece.

Showcasing the natural beauty of the Greek island of Ikaria, the voice over states:

“The sun is in everything here; in the soil, in the plants, and it is in this tree – the lentisk – that people here harvest its unique regenerative power. It’s something special.

“Some call it a mystery, ‘it’s just life’. Maybe that’s why people here live longer.

“Greece, it’s all of this, and now a part of it is revealed to you.”

The video is one of three, based on parts of the world that have been dubbed the ‘blue zone’ and include Ikaria in Greece, Sardinia in Italy, and Nicoya in Costa Rica.

These areas are perceived to be unique, with research showing that people in these parts of the world tend to live longer.

Based on this premise, Chanel has created Blue Serum, a skin care product made up of three essential ingredients from the blue zone; a combination of green coffee from Costa Rica, bosana olives from Sardinia and lentisk (mastic tree) from Greece.

Brought together for the first time in a serum, each ingredient is said to have revitalising and antioxidant properties, and in combination claim to have three key benefits: the smoothing of wrinkles, firmer skin and a more even skin tone.

View the video in full here: