With so many cafes opening across Melbourne, you have to stand out from the crowd for people to be lining up out the door, and No. 19 certainly has the X-factor.

The striking interior draws you in with its natural light, hand-painted teal tiles, brass details, and concrete surfaces all of which come together to pay homage to Greek delicatessens that populated Melbourne in the 1950s.

Owned by local couple Domanic and Diana Caruso, the space is the creation of local design firm Biasol.

“Our concept was inspired by the Greek delicatessens that flourished around Melbourne in the 1950s,” said the Biasol team.

“Materially, concrete surfaces – the counter, walls and floor – give the space a warmth and sophistication.”

Located in Union Road, the cafe is the couple’s second venture after St Rose in Essendon, and though also popular, with their latest eatery they’ve really taken things to the next level with the help of Biasol.

The designers have combined pale concrete surfaces with warmer elements such as brass and wood, and added a touch of colour with hand-painted tiles sourced from Morocco.

But it’s the bar seating, with the footrest, where customers can enjoy their breakfast while reading the paper that really triggers memories of a bygone era.

“We took an integrated approach to this project, to make sure the architecture, interiors, branding, and products worked well together, and produced a cohesive and memorable dining experience,” they said.

“The minimalist concrete surfaces give the interiors an elegant and sophisticated feel, offset by a vibrant colour palette, beautiful upholstery and a little greenery to make it feel welcoming.”

Established in 2012 by Jean-Pierre Biasol, the design firm is also responsible for converting a disused prison into a cafe space, and a warehouse into a restaurant and cocktail bar in east London.

No. 19 is located at 214 Union Rd, Ascot Vale, VIC. For more, visit no19.com.au