Who would have thought the vision of a young woman running through an Australian wheatfield, wearing nothing but her birthday suit, would culminate into a chic clutch bag, luxurious enough for Napoleon Perdis to sell across his 80 concept stores?

Inspired by said rural vision the bag is an abstract mirage, an adaptation of Sydney-based Greek artist Felicia Aroney’s exclusive artwork for Napoleon Perdis named ‘Allure’ which encapsulates his love and passion of art and the emotional link connected with his birthplace. Raw and innocent with an emphasis on celebrating the arts, individual artists, culture and spirit of a sunburnt country.

“I have always loved Felicia’s work,” says makeup mastermind Napoleon. “She embodies the free spirit of youth, channelling a sense of confidence for which NP is known worldwide. Her latest artwork is not only elegant … it’s hot.”

Highly textured, abstract and an impasto mosaic of colour, from creamy virginal whites and delicious cocoa, right through to sultry scarlet, Allure celebrates the raw, natural and untouched beauty of Australia.

“The colour palette was inspired by the idea of a young woman, running across a field with the wheat brushing against her skin, before collapsing onto the dusty ground below,” says Aroney.

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Aroney, who now lives in Sydney says she spent an idyllic childhood surrounded by the ocean and straw-coloured fields.

“It was all very raw and innocent,” she muses, and so, too has become the iconic Australian makeup brand’s forever evolving inspiration and influence.

It’s not the first time Napoleon has enlisted the talents of the Perth-born artist to create something extra special for his Australian made, owned, and designed brand. The dynamic artist is represented in galleries across Australia, with her work being coveted by private collectors locally, as well as in Asia, Europe and the US.

“Napoleon and I have collaborated on a past project in 2014,” Aroney tells Neos Kosmos.

“Our creative paths have continued to cross over and we were very excited to come together again this year to launch this new clutch.”

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Her vision that sparked her inspiration to create this bag touches on similar childhood memories she shares with the famous make-up artist. Aroney also grew up with a strong Greek heritage.

“My grandparents and parents celebrated life and taught me not only the traditions, the cooking, the language, but also faith and the importance of family. I feel very blessed to have my Greek culture as my foundation to life.
“Napoleon knows I grew up in Perth and spent most of my weekends amongst nature south of Perth at my parents’ holiday home. My memories are so freeing,” she says recalling embarking on womanhood.
“As a young girl I remember sprinting through fields of flowers and long beach grass, a loose linen sheet wrapped around my shoulders, sand and sun running over my body. My childhood was such an incredible introduction to nature’s wonders. I guess the story behind the bag is that of a child transforming into a woman, hence the design moves from naive nude colours to passionate reds.”

‘Allure’ – Felicia Aroney x Napoleon Perdis (out this week).

Celebrating female nature and women has been a recurrent theme throughout Aroney’s work. So is this bag, a design resembling the shift from youth to womanhood.

“As we approach Mother’s Day I’d firstly like to remind women that we all go through so many stages in our lifetime,” she stresses.

“From children, to parents and grandparents. So my motto would be ‘Life has many twists and turns. Nothing is ever permanent. However one thing that can always be consistent is self honour and being mindful of others.'”

* Featuring Aroney’s signature, each clutch – already available in stores – will be gifted to Napoleon Perdis customers who spend a minimum of $99 on Napoleon Perdis products (including the purchase of the Cheeky Tone and Bright Palette). To find out more about Napoleon Perdis’ and Felicia Aroney’s collaboration watch the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/taVinwMhQt0