The rich and flavoursome food of Cyprus can now be found right here in Melbourne, thanks to Preston eatery From the Butcher to the Chef.

Chef Marios Nicola, together with his partner Jim Hajitilemahou also known from Northcote Plaza’s The Gourmet Meat Rack – a butchery with an environmental conscience and a passion for quality, took it upon themselves to offer Melburnians honest Cypriot delicacies.

Marios uses nothing but the freshest ingredients to fuel his traditional homemade recipes, with a demand so high there is a queue almost every day.

The unassuming Bell Street establishment has become a favourite spot for locals and foodies alike, serving not only lamb, chicken, and pork Greek souvlaki, but a titillating Cypriot pita pocket, not to mention the most mouth-watering sheftalies and koupes.

From the Butcher to the Chef’s sheftalies are made of spicy ground pork mixed with finely chopped onion and parsley, salt and pepper and formed into small round balls, served crispy brown and accompanied by fresh lemon quarters and plain thick yogurt or minty Cypriot tzatziki.

Koupes is also a much loved pork dish, with the minced meat croquettes being the most popular traditional finger food to this day.

The most adventurous customers give specials such as succulent kleftiko (slow-cooked oven-baked lamb) and kolokasi me xoirino (pork with taro) a go or opt for a filling mixed grill platter.

The mixed platter comes packed with one pork skewer, one sheftalia, one koupa, a wine-marinated sausage, mixed lamb and chicken gyro, pita bread and chips accompanied by a seasonal salad and tzatziki.

One will also find traditional desserts; sweet cakes and pastries, favouring honey, fruits and nuts and pastry the likes of lokmades (small doughnuts), semolina casserole halva and more.

In addition to the restaurant, From the Butcher to the Chef also offer catering with both Cypriot and Greek foods served from their food truck. The team caters for birthday parties, company picnics, festivals, community events, or office and sporting club functions with menus made to measure according to taste and budget.

Find them at 597 Bell St, Preston, VIC − 0416655576. For more head to