When it comes to quality, you can count on Ross Bourbos and his team.

Whether you’re a retailer looking to impress your customers, a commercial baker wanting to make your creations all they can be or just another person with a sweet tooth, Ross’ Quality Nuts has everything you need. They not only stock a wide range of delicious products, they do so at the most competitive prices, too.

Instore, one will find an array of nuts, seeds, grains, and beans as well as dried fruits and sweet delicacies like lollies, party goods, confectionery and chocolates.

At Ross’ the staff will also provide a number of convenient seed, cereal and nut pre-mixes from LSA (linseed, sunflower, and almond mix) to a healthy scroggin alongside a selection of imported American candies and soft drinks.

No matter what you crave, at Ross’ Quality Nuts you will find what you need.

Gluten-free and dairy-free options are also available.

You can order online or visit the outlet store in Preston.

Ross’ Quality Nuts is located at 65 Chifley Drive, Preston, VIC. For more, visit rqn.com.au. For enquiries, call (03) 9480 4111 or email [email protected]