Jim Marinis’ and Mary-Jane Daffy’s little gem in Brighton has been around for less than a year, yet it has successfully married high-end restaurant culture with simplicity, creating solid yet surprising flavour combinations based on seasonal ingredients.

Alongside business partner and executive chef, Brett Hobbs and head chef Lachlan Williams’ attention to detail, they have taken the coffee and dining experience at St Martin’s to the next level.

“We utilise our fine-dining backgrounds to create simple, creative dishes with surprising twists,” Mary-Jane explains.

“There’s an emphasis on locally sourced, free-range and foraged products which feed directly into the ever changing menu.”

Even though there are intricate and deliberate techniques behind the preparation and execution of dishes, there’s a refreshing modesty to the finished product.

“Breakfast, lunch, magic; that’s what’s written on the door as you enter,” she says inviting us to try everything from eggs Benedict with smoked ham hock, green apple mousse, crackle crunch, perfectly poached eggs with hollandaise and compressed apple, to their low-cooked silverside with mustard butter, white onion puree, pickled zucchini and chilli-fried eggs.

“We hope there is magic within these walls. In the food, the coffee and the service. We put an emphasis on all the elements of the cafe experience, including creating a relaxing space where people feel welcome.
“At St Martin’s you won’t find smashed avocado or French toast. We wanted to create something different, something that aligns with our identity.”

What you will find, however, is the most flavoursome and pillowy omelette topped with foraged pine mushrooms, puffed wild rice, feta, lemon and a lick of chilli caramel that lifts the dish to great heights and a mouth-watering yoghurt panna cotta with gluten-free muesli and seasonal fruits.

Other recommendations:
· Activated almond bircher with tropical fruit and passion fruit curd, macadamia crumb and mango caramel
· Poached ocean trout with avocado puree, poached egg, broccoli, quinoa, buckwheat, kale and goji berry salad
· Semolina gnocchi with seasonal greens, pickled zucchini, whipped feta and curried pumpkin veloute
* Vegetarian, vegan, gluten- and dairy-free options available.

Open daily 7.00 am-4.00 pm.
116 Martin Street, Brighton, VIC
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