Bang & Olufsen is synonymous with excellence and opulence in the consumer electronics space, and their newly announced 85 inch 3D TV is no different. Rather than going the “safer” option and launching a 50 or even 60 inch TV packed with a heap of cool features, the team from Denmark decided to really push the envelope.
Size is only part of the story. B&O have included lifting mechanisms into the actual TV unit to ensure it is raised to the optimum viewing height by the customer. Push the “On” button, and the screen comes to life, lifting up off the ground to reveal the centre loud speaker. Switch the TV off, and the screen lowers so that the TV becomes “less prominent in the room”. You can even tilt the screen to whatever angle you want.
Even the remote control looks like something from the Star Trek Enterprise!
So if you have bags of cash and want to impress your super-model girlfriend, this oversized procreation device is for you.