Alphington Grammar, run by the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne, Victoria (GOCMV), has received a gift of $300,000 from the Andrianakos Family for the construction of the school’s multi-purpose hall. Mr Andrianakos relayed his story to Neos Kosmos English Edition (NKEE), “I met the President of the GOCMV, Bill Papastergiadis, a year ago when he had approached me and asked me for my help. I believe that this is a worthy cause and after all, we should all help to facilitate the preservation of the Greek language and culture.”
Mr Andrianakos has been a considerable philanthropist in the community who has never sought publicity, but this time he hopes that others will also follow his lead.

Mike Smith the principal of Alphington Grammar was keen to point out that Nick Andrianakos’ gift is “the largest individual donation that the school has received.”

As he highlighted for NKEE, “It’s a marvellous vote of confidence in the school, especially as Nick has three of his grandchildren enrolled in the school.”

“It will be immensely helpful to the school in funding its multi-purpose hall and ensuring that the hall meets all the school’s needs,” added Mr Smith.
Mr Smith expresses his “deepest gratitude to the Andrianakos family” for the “magnificent contribution to the future of Alphington Grammar School.”

Bill Papastergiadis, the President of the GOCMV, who acted as the go between for the gift said to NKEE,
“I had lunch with Nick Andrianakos along with his two grandchildren last year in Greece, and I asked of the children which school they attended in Melbourne and they said Alphington Grammar and that they ‘love the school’ which reinforced the need for me to seek support for Alphington Grammar.”

As a result of that discussion Mr Papastergiadis approached Mr Andrianakos and suggested that he consider becoming a major benefactor in the construction of the multipurpose hall.
As Mr Papastergiadis underscores, “There is a long tradition in the Jewish Community of patrons assisting the construction of numerous major projects throughout Melbourne and the Greek community needs to follow similar approaches, we are generous and need to build that generosity.”

“Hopefully, Mr Andrianakos’ gift will encourage other Greek organisations and business leaders contribute towards projects not just for the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria but other Greek artistic, cultural, educational and community projects” emphasised Mr Papastergiadis.

Architects have been retained to redesign the multipurpose hall and to prepare the plans for a planning permit. This process is being managed by Jim Dolkas a well-qualified property professional assisting the Greek Community and Alphington Grammar free of charge.