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Hidden Mosaics: an Aegean tale

Dean Kalimniou reviews Alexander Billinis’ latest book, Hidden Mosaics: An Aegean Tale.


The Greek Diaspora, before Greece

Happy New Year 2020. Let’s turn the clock back 200 years, to 1820, just before the Greek Revolution in 1821. In the century or so prior to the Greek Revolution, …


The lost culture of Byzantine Europe

The Eagle Has Two Faces: Journeys through Byzantine Europe is a recently released ‘travelogue’ by Alexander Billinis, exploring the remnants of the Byzantine.


Sublime Trieste, a mosaic of nationalities with haunting Greek remnants

There are few cities so sublime as Trieste. It is a work of art, architecture, geography topography and variety. Its people are a mosaic, at once Byzantine, Hapsburg, and Italian, …


Vienna: where Greek first appeared in print

Given the Greeks’ large-scale migration to the area, the Austrian capital is historically one of the most significant for modern Hellenism.


Stolen figs, stolen spuds

I remember it well, particularly on a freezing day here in Chicago, though over three decades have passed. We anchored our boat at Molos, a small bay well south of …


Unofficial histories: 1821

Greek American Alexander Billinis contemplates whether every revolution, every war of independence, is also in some ways a civil war.


Putting names and faces to the Battle of the Atlantic

I have had the pleasure of writing for Neos Kosmos on occasion for the past several years. This is truly one of the best publications in the Diaspora, and I …


Discovering the Greeks in the heart of the American ‘South’

Last August my family and I packed our bags and left Chicago, the anchor of the American Midwest, for South Carolina, the heart of the American South. The ‘South’ conjures …


Our great Church … in captivity

Alexander Billinis believes the Ecumenical Patriarch should “exile” himself from Turkey to truly be free in this actions