Dr Magdalena Simonis


There are multiple factors creating a crisis in our public hospitals

There has been a record low public hospital performance, with patients waiting longer due to a system in logjam. There are multiple factors impacting this, resulting in close to 40 …


International Women’s Day: why we still need these conversations

The official United Nations’ International Women’s Day theme for 2022 of “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” encourages us to imagine a gender-equal world, free of stereotypes and discrimination. …


COVID-19 seems to be everywhere, so how do we manage this in our home?

Dr Simonis is an experienced GP and member of the RACGP Expert Committee Quality Care and here she share’s some medical advice on how we can manage mild COVID-19 at …

Climate change will place additional burdens on women and children

Gender and climate change are integrally linked. Climate change disadvantages women disproportionately more than men due to their traditional family roles as carers, their lower incomes, and reduced access to …