Ioannis Sofianos translated by Marianna Alepidis


At 101 years old Ioannis Ioannidis is one of the eldest and loyal readers of Neos Kosmos

Ioannis Ioannidis is without a doubt one of the most loyal, but also the oldest readers of Neos Kosmos.  He is 101 years old and not only has he not …


Refugee children of the Civil War celebrate 66 years of marriage in Australia

Two children of the Greek Civil War found themselves falling in love, far from their motherland. As a teenager Dimitris Papadopoulos was uprooted due to the Civil War in the …


Stefanos Ntouskos: Getting the gold in Tokyo by rowing 5,000 kilometers a year

At the age of 14, Stefanos Ntouskos passed the entrance of the Nautical Club of Ioannina for the first time. His family home is only one kilometre away from the …


Miltiadis Tentoglou’s Tokyo gold and the uncertainty of Greek sports in the future

As Miltiadis Tentoglou landed in the sandpit during his sixth and last jump in the men’s long jump finals at the Tokyo Olympics, he was unsure if his spectacular jump …