Jeana Vithoulkas


Greek Orthodox church must adapt to grow

It was a hot summer’s day at the end of January two years ago, forty days after the death of my aunt. We were gathered at a Greek Orthodox church …


Katherine Kizilos, the first person of Greek background to be employed at The Age, hits back with a new novel

The intersection of indigenous Australians and migrant communities in this country is a story that longs to be told. Katherine Kizilos, an Australian writer of Greek background has made an …


Identity in a globalised world

Jeana Vithoulkas looks at identity in today’s world and how we identify ourselves when overseas.


Diversity or die

I’m certain that I’m in good company when I say that Alex Dimitriades’s performance in the television drama, The Slap, is nothing short of superb.


Tribal loyalties

Jeana Vithoulkas looks at what team we support and why.


Be careful what we wish for

Jeana Vithoulkas looks at the lesser of two evils in politics


Insularity breeds contempt

With the current climate in Greece, Jeana Vithoulkas looks at how insular we are in Australia


Sex and the next generation

Jeana Vithoulkas explores how we feel as parents about our sexual discovery experiences while comparing them to that of our offspring.


Labor’s position on gay marriage is discrimination

Jeana Vithoulkas takes on the ALP’s policy on ga marriage.


The return shall never happen

Jeana Vithoulkas explores the idea of Constantinople and recapturing the past.