Melina Mallos


Sharing the Greek language with our youth

Exploring the many different ways of introducing your children to the Greek language according to budget and time restraints.


101 years of memories

Reflecting on my yiayia’s death earlier this month at the grand age of 101, some life lessons come to mind.


A Greek Christmas

As Christmas fast approaches, writer Melina Mallos looks at how Greeks in Greece celebrate the festive season.


Sharing mythology with children crucial to our Greek heritage

As talks about removing mythology from the Greek curriculum continue, Melina Mallos says the onus on discovering mythology and culture rests on families more than ever before.


Learning Greek through Skype

Melina Mallos speaks with expert Athenian tutor Kalliope Raekou, who has been discovering the best ways for children and adults to master the Greek language for the past 23 years.


My Creative Writing escapades on Tsimiski

Writer Mellina Mallos reflects on her unforgettable experience taking part in the British Council Summer School writing program in Thessaloniki.


The gift of bilingualism

Backed by research, too!


Connecting our children to their Greek heritage

Breaking down challenges and finding effective strategies.