Theo Theophanous


Opinion: It’s our duty to save our elderly

People have been quick to criticise the Andrews government during this pandemic especially over quarantine processes. But these same people seem reluctant to call out the Federal Government over lack …


The cost of staying silent on Hagia Sophia

The date 24 July 2020 will go down in modern Turkish history as the day Turkey buried its founder Kemal Ataturk’s secular legacy. For Christians, the day will hitherto represent …


United Cyprus key to Euro integration

Friday 20 July marks the 44th anniversary of the Turkish invasion and occupation of the northern part of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. A diminishing number of Australian Cypriots who …


We’d lose too much if we dumped multiculturalism

Entire ethnic groups are labelled as criminals, terrorists, welfare bludgers and so on. This is being used, if not encouraged, by some politicians and political parties.


Ethiopia’s little-known relationship to Australia and to Orthodoxy

Ethiopia has a proud history of civilisation which dates back thousands of years.


Past proves need for Australia to show more compassion

The majority of Australian citizens are of migrant descent.


Greece’s slippery slope a reminder to stay sober

Greece stuck in a pincer movement where it cannot pay its debts and it has no control over the money supply.