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Experience Greece through your iPhone

New applications launched from a team of Greek journalist promise to give iPad and iPhone users the opportunity to organise their trip to Santorini, Mykonos or Rhodes and those who


Stopover in Bangkok, the city of angels

It has been described as the Venice of the East, but Bangkok is a trhiving megalopis that has no equal.


Love affair with Lisbon

Dora Kitinas-Gogos falls head over heels for Lisbon where impressive architecture, food and wine collide in this city founded by Ulysses.

Just what the doctor ordered

Hippocrates, believed in the power of natural healing. His birthplace Kos offers all of that and more.

Nature versus nurture

As Despina Meris discovers, there’s much to Kerkyra than meets the eye.

A Maid Marion moment

Despina Meris looks at one of the most impressively preserved of old towns, Rhodes


Flashpacking in Fiji

Forget backacking, flashpackers come with experience and money.