Theophanous rape charge dropped

Theo Theophanous will not stand trial on the charge of raping a woman in his Parliament office on a September night in 1998.He has claimed racial stereotyping by the prosecuting


Theophanous lawyer slams chief investigator

The defence attorney of Theo Theophanous slammed the conduct of the investigation by the leading police detective.


Politicians and Journalists: Adversaries or Bedfellows?

George Megalogenis, senior political writer for The Australian, will be part of a panel discussion, at Melbourne University, on the relationship between politicians and journalists


Greek plumber wins award

Petros Goutziomitros won the Rose Curtis Legacy Award for excellence as part of the Master Plumbers’ and Mechanical Services Association of Australia Gold Medal and Training Awards


Greece guts out win over Spain in the European U/20’s mens basketball

Greece has won its second match in the qualifying rounds of the the European U/20’s mens basketball and prepares to face Latvia.


Do you need protein powder to get big?

High protein products help with muscle mass and strength but nutrition experts explain that this is only the case when you are not deriving enough protein from your diet.


Seven reasons to see a GP

Discover why men should overcome their reluctance to have regular health checks and what tests they should have on a regular basis.


Calamari ready for frying

Since the arrival of Greeks and Italians in Australia, calamari has become a sought out seafood and calamari season is now open in Victoria.


The secret language of underpants

Don’t get your knickers in knot but you can decode the secret language of the underpants that you wear.


Fashion news

From Emma Watson fronting the latest Burberry campaign to Crocs having run into financial strife, we have the latest news from the world of fashion covered.