Coca-Cola Greece in collaboration with bottling partner Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon, launched a limited edition bottle to celebrate the island of Crete.

The artwork was inspired by the Minoan civilisation and the famous etchings of the Minoan era; commemorative bottle celebrating the island of Crete’s rich culture and history.

“We were inspired by Cretan values, tradition and history,” said said Diana Birba, Coca Cola marketing manager for Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

“By depicting them in our first collectable Coca-Cola bottle for a specific region in Greece, we aim to promote Crete as a tourist destination, offer visitors the opportunity to take a unique piece of modern art memorabilia home with them, and celebrate 10 years of making our products here in Crete.”

The design is a recreation of a mural in Knossos Palace featuring the myth of the Minotaur and the ancient ritual sport of bull-leaping in Crete, the Taurokathapsia.

The limited-edition bottle comes out in black and red for the Zero and regular versions respectively, and is available in selected stores all over Crete.