Ancient Greece: Skull and cross bones ahoy!

Michael C Scott looks at ancient piracy in the wilds of the Aegean and Adriatic seas


Axe falls on Socceroos squad

Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek has taken the axe to his 31-man squad, cutting it back to 28 ahead of the squad’s departure on Wednesday.


Work begins at Albert Park on new Sports Centre

Construction began last week to transform Albert Park’s historic Lakeside Oval into the state’s premier sports centre for elite athletes as part of a major $50 million redevelop


AEK too good for Reds

With all to play for AEK condemned Olympiakos to bottom place on the playoff table. PAOK, meanwhile, learned of its potential opponents in the qualifying stage of the Champions


We need audacious targets

For Greece to escape its predicament, it is not enough to reduce salaries and pensions, slash spending and reform the social security system and labor market. We will need bold


Brothers, troublemakers and tax avoiders

On The Spit gets very upset when legends who sit on the perch of fame and fortune, who are lauded by Greek baby boomers, fall and knock themselves out.


GFC: Helps us help you

Fair or not, Greece has been targeted as the cancer to the world’s economic woes. Maybe if the media tries hard enough, they can blame Greece for Global Warming too!


Major parties losing support

Support for the country’s two major political parties, ruling Socialist PASOK and conservative New Democracy, has plummeted over the past month.


Bailout pays off Greek creditors

Cash-strapped Greece managed to pay off its creditors last week, using billions of euros from the EU-led rescue package aimed at containing the debt crisis.


Priceless antiquities recovered by authorities

The priceless artefacts were recovered by authorities three days ago during a sting operation in the Corinth prefecture of southern Greece, and specifically near the village of